So, he’s doing this for pretty much everyone, it seems. Which makes me want to adopt a cynical stance and brush it off, but I can’t. I mean, he didn’t have to spend a considerable amount of time recording messages to everyone, thanking them for their support. So thanks, Cliff, for taking the time. Oh, and for creating a fantastic franchise which I will now go and play!

Still in the West Island.

The update from lat time out is that we have our possessions, most importantly my gaming stuff is safe and sound.

Next most importantly – we have internets! I did expect to have some issues with my XBLA account, but it seems that as my credit card is still paying the bills in NZ, my account rolls on. Funnily enough I was speaking with a friend from the UK today who is left with the question of starting a new account in Australia or keeping his UK based account offline. I’m sure it could be worked around if it mattered enough.

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40k Kill Team

Yes, it has been around the Marketplace for a while, but then I’ve been offline for a while.

There are people that get excited by the mere prospect of anything gamewise that is related to the Warhammer and particularly the 40k universe, suffice to say that I am not one of them. I am however somebody that grew up spending all his part-time earnings at Games Workshop, painting figures and owning 40k Epic battlefields with his Tyranid Horde. So I get some of the history.

Delivered as a warm up to the release of the full blown Space Marine game, what did Kill Team offer apart from an unlockable chainsword?

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People will likely predict that I’ll be quite excited to hear that there’s a 5th DOA game coming. There’s not much I can say to that except that I’m a predictable guy. A lot has changed since DOA4 as far as Tecmo and Team Ninja go. The departure of Itagaki, and a merger since the title’s release in the early days of the Xbox 360s launch, it’s no surprise that DOA5 will be on both Xbox 360 and the PS3. I’ve skipped DOA Dimensions so far simply because I haven’t been sold on the value of a 3DS, but I’m happy for the next true iteration to show up. Between this, Syndicate, and Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown coming 2012, I can’t help but feel that it’s a good time to be me.


So it’s finally official. A new Syndicate game is happening. As someone who was crazy enough about Syndicate (and the expansion, The American Revolt) enough that I managed to have my glasses rose tinted enough to declare the sequel, Syndicate Wars, as one of my favourite games, I’m a little disappointed that it’s a first person shooter. I do understand, though, that FPS’s are what a lot of people want to play, and old games are basically idea stubs as far as constructing a game in this day and age, so I’m pretty psyched to see a reimagining of my favourite non-post-apocalyptic dystopian future.

How does one get re-addicted to a game about breeding piñata animals? How do you make a game like Syndicate relevant today? How does Minecraft… Mine… crafts? And how does Gar ruin Harley Quinn for the leering perverts keen on playing Arkham City? The podcast has an answer or two.

sgbannerOr maybe it’s battered wife syndrome? Not that I’ve actually ever preordered a Sonic game before, so that analogy somehow fails to actually be extreme enough. Maybe I’m just stupid, but the Collector’s Edition actually includes a gold ring. And a statue. Which is good, because if Sonic turns into a werewolf thing at some point, I’ll be looking for something apropriate to throw off the balcony of my apartment. Continue reading


Gods, Greeks, one particularly angry Greek, a few quick time events, red orbs, a sex minigame, jaunts through the underworld, and more blood and violence then you wave at with a bloody stump where a limb used to be. This is what defines a God Of War game, and now with the release of God Of War Collection Volumes I and II, you can play all of the adventures of Kratos on one console; the PS3 (unless you consider Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny to be one of his adventures, in which case you’ll still need that PSP.) God Of War Collection Volume II contains Chains Of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta; the two GOW games developed by Ready At Dawn and released on the PSP.

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Inspired by a Masher discussion this week on the forums I thought I’d take a crack at short-burst mobile games and Australian developer Halfbrick. From Fruit Ninja to Jetpack Joyride Halfbrick’s games ooze with slick and polish, and have found quite the audience. But with rounds that last an average of a minute*, and one button controls, are these games treating us like idiots with short attention spans?

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Rockstar announced today that a Game Of The Year Edition of everyone’s favourite cowboy videogame Red Dead Redemption will be coming in October. The pack will of course include the game, as well as the Undead Nightmare expansion, and all free and paid downloadable content. I can’t imagine anyone on my friends list who hasn’t checked it out already if they were interested, but anyone would probably be tempted at the presumably reduced price point, and the value is sure to entice anyone picking up a console in time for Christmas. This news also happens to coincide with the availability of the free DLC, the Myths And Mavericks Bonus Pack. As soon as I find the time, I’ll be downloading that and screaming some “yeehaw”s into the nearest Xbox Live microphone.