It’s a common wonderment of many New Zealand gamers to this  simple question. Why do we not have a quality rugby game on the current platforms? Many say it is due to the fact that rugby just isn’t popular enough for a major company to pick up (even though the Rugby World Cup is the third largest single sporting event, achieving an average attendance of more than 45,000 and an estimated television audience in excess of two billion *gasps for air*), others say rugby is just too hard of a sport to convert into videogame form. With two rugby game releases (on the same day) and its quite obvious that All Blacks Rugby Challenge has stood up and not only answers this question but also set a benchmark in terms of presentation of not just rugby games but sport games in general. Continue reading

Gamespy. Remember that client? That gets a mention in this weeks podcast, which kinda blows my mind. Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, old and new, though stabbing people in the neck doesn’t change a lot, the classics never do. Also, the Decide-O-Tron comes up, which is decidedly cool, if decidedly crippled in at least one significant way. Oh, and other stuff. It’s a podcast, if you read it all here, you wouldn’t have to listen to it.


The 2D Platformer. One would think that its kind died out a long time ago. Like the Point and Click adventure game, the 2D platformer is reminiscent of a certain era, the 80’s and 90’s. We had Mario, we had Sonic, we had Megaman. Much later we had my all time favourite 2D platformer; Abe’s Oddysee. But then everything started to go towards 3D (polygons that is, not this new-fangled depth of field stuff). Slowly but surely the 2D platformer began to die out.

Today the 2D platformer is still around, but it’s not enough just to give the hero or heroine a weapon and an incredible high jump. These days platformers need to do a lot more to stand out.

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STO is to boldly go where most other MMO’s appear to be going these days. It’s the hip thing to do for non-WOW MMO’s it seems, and I’d love to see if this is actually a successful business model. When STO originally launched, I recall they were offering a limited edition package which actually included a lifetime subscription to the game. I hope these people are somehow recompensed for their misplaced ‘investment’.

It’s the perfect time to say something like “It’s almost case closed for the LA Noire developer”, but the truth is that I’m not fond of reporting about jobs lost, regardless of how scandalous the working conditions may have been. This case might not be so bad, since Develop is reporting that staff have been offered the choice of joining KMM Games, a company who is also alleged to be purchasing the IP and assets, or accepting a severance package. The kicker here is that McNamara, the focus of the hostile working conditions claims, will be joining staff that spoke out against him and left prior to LA Noir’s release, should he himself migrate to KMM Games.

don’t know many people who are still playing Red Dead Redemption, but I did happen to have a session when they had the triple XP weekend. September 13th will give another reason to jump back in for a bit, with the Myths And Mavericks Pack being released. The pack includes multiplayer characters from the story such as the gunslinger Landon Ricketts and the Native American professor’s assistant Nastas, as well as several others, plus many gametypes added for various locations, full details included after the break. Continue reading


Galaga Legions DX is the second title in the “Namco Generations” series, following the rebooted Pac-Mac “Championship Edition DX” released last year. It is the second modern remake of the Classic Galaga game, following Galaga Legions which was released exclusively to XBLA in 2008, and this time around can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network also.

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