Actually, they announced another six, but I didn’t really look at the other five, because the first one was What Is Love, by Haddaway. I just can’t decide whether I want the dance to resemble the Saturday Night Live skit, with moves like “You, me, you, me, you, him!?” and the Head Bob, or the moves from the actual music video, so I can see people flailing and gyrating like idiots in my lounge. Actually, they have got Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative and Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot, so there’s that. The full list of tracks announced so far after the break. Continue reading

Made available just recently are two packs, the Pink Knight and the Blacksmith. For the Pink Knight pack in particular, there are two exceptionally compelling reasons to download. Firstly, for every download in the first 50,000, The Behemoth will donate $1US to the Keep A Breast Foundation. The second, is that it’s free. That’s right, you download something for free, and they donate to charity. The Blacksmith costs 160 MS points, but the choice to support a team that are willing to donate money for a free download, made it an easy call for me personally.