“Song: What Is Love.” She said, speaking loud and clear for the benefit of an Xbox. I got up, to get nearer to the Kinect sensor’s built in microphone, and called out, sneering: “Difficulty: Hard.” Her expression became stone, and she turned to me but spoke again to the Xbox “Mode: Dance battle.” Her steely eyes stayed locked on mine, a sure sign that something would be ‘brought’, or perhaps ‘it’ was about to be ‘on’. She spoke to the Xbox one last time, still not breaking eye contact. “Xbox: Dance.

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Guest characters, Blizzcon, GTA5, Abu Dhabi, and more, all featured in this weeks episode in some form. Also, everyone’s been playing Arkham City, except Gar, who almost sort of played it. But everyone’s been playing some sort of Forza game. Oh, except Paul, who likens his feelings towards the options of car customisation available in Forza 4 to the depression that is allegedly linked to having to many product options available at the supermarket. And that was in the prepodcast chat.

Gar has some sort of chair and wheel rig setup that he put together in order to make Forza that much more awesome. He’s also into Battlefield 3, but I don’t think he has the wherewithal to construct the ridiculous monstrosity that was created on the UK TV program The Gadget Show. Because I know my FPS experience is sorely lacking in running and getting shot by paintballs…

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A new SSX game has been a long time coming, in stark contrast to the annual releases that other sport games get. This one is looking interesting, though I can’t help but wonder… when you put as much effort to differentiate characters as they have in past SSX games, isn’t it a little bit wasted to have their faces covered up by ski goggles and an oxygen mask?

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It was briefly an leaked rumour, but the Creed’s favoured assassin, Ezio Auditore has been confirmed to be a playable character for Soul Calibur 5. I have to admit that I haven’t really cared for the guest characters in the Soul Calibur series since… well, ever. The inclusion of Star Wars characters in number four seemed like a bad idea, and when I found out that Yoda couldn’t be thrown; not even by Yoda himself, I felt dirty. Having said that, Ezio actually seems like a good fit. He’s vaguely period appropriate, and he’s bound to have some badass, flashy moves that will help him fit right in. In related news, the comic goofball character from Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Dampierre,  has also been announced. For my money, Voldo always supplied the humour with his combination of ridiculous yet violent and creepy fighting moves. Dampierre’s just unnecessarily silly. Continue reading

There are a lot of big names in gaming that are fighting for attention right now. Over the past week, launch trailers have appeared for Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, and Uncharted 3. I don’t envy them, this quarter is packed to the brim with exciting titles demanding attention, so I’ll forgive a launch trailer being released more than a week out from a launch date. Battlefield 3 probably has the most right to our attention, given that it’s releasing the soonest. In fact isn’t it out right now, as you’re reading this? Oh great, that means I have to look forward to Gar making those “peow, peow!” noises. Trailers for all three after the break.
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I am Batman. Paul is Never-Played-Lego-Batmanman, James is Interested-In-Lego-Batman-2man, and Gar is Battlefieldman. There’s also a horrific revelation on apparently what some people think a touch panel on the back will be used for. My idea for marketing the technology isn’t mentioned though, because I wanted to be sure that I’d be the first to approach Sony about calling it “rear touching.”

What’s that? I thought.  I was at Sony’s Playstation Experience event, having just played some Battlefield 3 single player for the first time.  A few metres away, a man was sitting in front of a high def TV, wearing what looked very much like a VR headset.  Were those still a thing?  I had flashbacks to the mid ’90s, when a thirteen-year-old me would read and reread articles in PC Gamer about the latest VR technology, 320×240 pixel displays atwinkle in my mind’s eye.

The screen the headset-wearing man was not looking at (though he was facing it with apparently rapt attention) was showing an unexciting little montage of… well, mostly a dude wearing the same headset.  Also, explosions (and, Wugga claims, a Police officer break-dancing on the bonnet of a car).  At last I noticed that he held a Dualshock controller.  He was playing a game.  I insinuated myself into line for a turn.  I was not going to miss out on the chance to fullfil a need I just that moment realised I had harboured for more than half my life.

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With the release only a week away, Battlefield 3 videos are popping up all over the show lately.  The beta’s been cranking too, showing off the Metro and Caspian Border maps, and other than people who don’t know what “beta” means, everyone seems pretty excited about Battlefield 3.

Last night, courtesy of Sony, I got my hands on a short single player section of gameplay on the PS3.  The mission was from Operation Guillotine, and involved storming an apartment building in the middle of the night.

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