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First up lets just get this straight. Worms: Ultimate Mayhem isn’t a completely new game as such but a 3D update of Worms 4: Mayhem and the original Worms 3D. Bringing these two games together gives you around 80 missions and challenges as well as the online element for up to four players. But as a fan of the old school 2D Worms, I found myself entering the 3D world of Worms: Ultimate Mayhem with more than a couple of hesitations…

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RAGE is a Mad-Maxy-open-world-post-planet-killer-asteroid-apocalyptic-wasteland-first-person-shooter with RPG lite elements and vehicles…..whew. It has been beautifully produced by ID Software, famous for DOOM and Quake, and is the end of a seven year drought by this top developer.

So like all classic post-apocalypse games, an unnamed hero surfaces from cryo sleep 100 years after the devastation of Earth to find mutants, rebel clans, settlers and a tyrannical government all beating each other over the head in an attempt to survive.

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The weekend of 15th and 16th October saw the first EB Expo open for the public, held in the Gold Coast Arena the public days were tacked onto the EB Manager and Vendor conference. All the major publishers were representing at the show, not surprising given the currently overloaded release schedule for the rest of the year. As a first time show for the public it appears to have hit the nail on the head with the money hammer. Standard tickets cost $30 for one of three sessions, there were VIP ticket options, but they sold out very quickly offering some cut down waiting times to go hands on with some of the bigger titles. Having limited time to visit on the Saturday afternoon I plumped for the standard ticket that would ensure I was kicked out by four pm,  probably worth noting that the ticket was exactly that and offered nothing in the way of freebies, goodies or showbags, strange but true. Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago, EA invited us to attend an intimate event showcasing the latest entries in some of their biggest franchise. Naturally, we accepted and attended. In this case, the “us” is Gar and I, but the “we” is just myself, because Gar decided it was more important to drive his Nissan round and round in a loop than check out Battlefield 3. Continue reading

Or more importantly, playing the Knife Trick mode. Lance Henrikson, the actor that played Bishop and had the memorable scene in Aliens by terrifying Hudson with his skill at five finger fillet, was approached by a user of the AVPgalaxy.net forums, who snapped this picture. The only thing I think that would make it better would be if Bill Paxton was involved, possibly complaining about his game being over.

The adult comedy series of videogames is set to attempt a comeback, with news that Replay Games has obtained the rights to the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, and is planning a remake of Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards for release some time next year, with further remakes possible depending on its success. I remember the original from way back, in a time when I was too young to be playing such a game, and I’ll always remember it as the game that asked me questions that an older person would know the answer to, and would let me kick a drunk in the crotch whilst wearing winkle pickers. On a side note, LSLITLOTLL has already had a VGA, point and click remake, as I’ve just found out, so maybe they should be starting elsewhere? Like with Leisure Suit Larry 4, a game that doesn’t actually seem to exist despite having numbered iterations after it.

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Fans of the tower defense style of game sure do have a large range of titles to choose from on Xbox Live now and Orcs Must Die adds one more to the list. Not that this is a bad thing especially when the style is like Trenched with it’s 3rd person shooter element. Add to that some spike traps and a decent dose of humour, something reminiscent of Ash Williams in the Army of Darkness, and everything is starting to look pretty promising.

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There was time a few generations back when I loved flight sims, I was at home in the cockpit of an F18 or F16, whipping under the Golden Gate Bridge or taking out SAM sites in some god forsaken plain brown wilderness. Of course that was on an Amiga1200, C64 and various PCs. In fact my earliest recollection of an ACE game was on the C64, 8-bit split screen dogfighting with my father, at the time it was really something.

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Every once in a while, a perfect storm of external podcast influences combine to make something properly distracted. Those factors are a high profile game release, podcast recording schedule, the interest of an individual in said game release, and the allowance of that individual to play said game whilst recording the podcast. It happened once before with Gears Of War 2. Now it’s happening again with Forza 4. But that doesn’t stop me from talking about dancing. This isn’t over, Steve Wriggly! I will have my revenge!

When was the last time you saw an insanely evil person? Or even a saintly good person? Our videogames teach us to see in black and white. They are the bad boss guy, I am the good hero. Even in games that let you choose your character’s destiny there are only ever two sides; good or evil.

And quite frankly that is not how the world works. In other media we have characters that reflect actual human beings. This is why I watch TV shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire in favour of playing many games. The protagonists aren’t always clear cut. Good people do bad things. Bad people do good things. If you even elect to use the words “Good people”. The world is made up of shades of grey, not a single binary position.

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