Holy singing robot toy, Mashman! It’s another ButtonMasher Podcast! In this one, James comes across one of life’s truths: If you want to review Gears Of War 4, you have to review My Little Pooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn…..   ny.

It’s old news now, but Playstation Vita now has its launch line up set in stone, and SVP of SCEE Worldwide Studios, Michael Denny, commented that it’s “one of the best launch line ups of any games console, ever launched.” I guess he’s in the perfect position to make an informed and impartial judgement on that. So here are the launch titles, and beyond the break is a list of titles confirmed to be in development by third party publishers.

  • UnchartedTM: Golden Abyss
  • WipEout® 2048
  • Reality Fighters
  • Little Deviants
  • ModNation RacersTM: Road Trip
  • Everybody’s Golf®
  • Escape Plan
  • Top Darts
  • Hustle Kings
  • Unit 13
  • MotorStorm® RC

clip_image002It’s t-shirt time! About 200 of these were made and distributed amongst various gaming publications and media outlets, and we’re a little late off the bat so for some this might be a second (possibly even last) chance to grab one of these grey cloaks of nerd-cred. I only want to give these out to proper pretentious hipster Halo fans (you know, the ones that were in to Halo before it was “cool”,) so e-mail me (wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz) with your most memorable Halo: CE moment. Supply your preferred size too, just in case! If you didn’t play Halo back in the day, just e-mail me with something anyway, you never know your luck!

It’s hard to believe that ten years ago that the first Halo game was released. Every time a Halo game comes out I feel like this will be the time that I’m over it, it’s time to get cynical and call Bungie out for milking a franchise, and every time I get sucked back in and everything seems justified; and I was never even much for the mulitplayer! Now, with a repackaging of the original game it felt like it might truly, finally be my time to throw down the controller and say ‘enough is enough!" But damnit, I just can’t do it.

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As a more ‘hardcore’ game focused website, we do like to make fun of the casual side of things whenever the opportunity presents itself, but I’ve come to the realisation that  I don’t mind them. That is to say, I’ve played an awful lot worse. That sounds a lot more grim than The Sims deserves, actually, as it continues to be the perfect chill out, brain off, peaceful game with no risk of a rage quit. Continue reading

So this is a big one.  EA’s fastest-selling game ever.  A lot of hype in the lead-up to the launch, too.  You know how that goes.

The launch, of course, was a disaster.  Activation problems, connection problems, lag problems, major stability issues, patchy performance…  Battlefield veterans expected this; we were prepared to deal with it.  Many were not.  Even those of us familiar with DICE/EA launches perhaps got a little frustrated, though.  Or a lot frustrated, as the case may be.

The fact of the matter is that even when I was disconnected from every other match, when I couldn’t connect to most servers due to the worst Punkbuster implementation in memory, when my PC was crashing with an overheating GPU…  I didn’t stop trying.  When it works, Battlefield 3 really is something special, and now, a couple of weeks after launch, it works a lot more than it doesn’t.  Finally, I have the game I wanted all along.

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75% of ButtonMasher podcasters recommend Skyrim. The other one hasn’t played it yet and may or may not have poor taste and/or hate RPGs. The other stuff in this one-hour-and-then-some podcast includes COD bannings, booing PETA’s justification for their behaviour, and, if you’re really attentive, I reference Battle Cheese at some point.


Sony has announced today that the 3G/Wi-Fi PlayStation Vita will ship in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in February 2012 with a Vodafone SIM card pre-installed. This partnership covers the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

3G services will allow users of Vita to play online multiplayer or access other online services, but additionally the Vita will have dedicated social media applications to allow you to tweet, update your Facebook status, and check-in on foursquare. Additionally location-based services will extend to finding other Vita users “Near” to them and interact with them virtually.

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The lead visual effects artist for Uncharted 3, Keith Guerrette, was around a few weeks back in time for the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, and while I couldn’t get my schedule to work in well enough to meet him in person, Sony NZ was gracious enough to accept some questions I’d had on my mind (at least one of which he wasn’t well placed to answer, but was good natured enough to let me get it off my chest.) Continue reading

A trailer is all very well and good, but it’s usually all flash and no substance, not giving an actual impression of what a game is like during gameplay (not that gameplay footage can accurately convey what a game is like to play, but I digress.) The latest video released features about eight minutes of four player coop, flitting between the four players on the fly. I got a weird Army Of Two vibe towards the end, something to do with working together to take out a tough guy with a big gun.YouTube Preview Image