Gears3_betaBanner1_thumbIf you’ve been holding out for the release of the Horde Command Pack, the first of the four DLC packs for Gears Of War 3 that’s covered in the season pass, you’ll have to wait a little (or rather an indeterminate amount of) more time. An official posting on Epic’s forums is light on the details, but announces, and apologises for, the delay. Stalking Will Kinsler’s Twitter feed (community manager for Epic Games) shows that he’s responding to many requests for a timeframe, stating that giving an ETA would pure speculation. Sounds like someone wants to avoid further disappointment. On the upside, I have some codes to give away to redeem them for the Gears 3 Season Pass – email me at and promise* me that we will roll together and kill things online for a chance to win (*promises are not binding and do not have to be kept, it will make you a bad person though).

[UPDATE: It’s available now.]


Yeah.  That just happened. PC Gamer have the full story, but here are the vital details:

Mechwarrior Online is PC exclusive, and free to play.  It’s due to release in the northern hemisphere summer next year.

The setting will be the Clan Invasion era, rather than late in the Third Succession War as had previously been rumoured.  The timeline will advance in real time, a day at a time, starting just before the invasion.

While the Mechwarrior reboot we’ve previously reported on was based on the Unreal 3 engine, no engine has been confirmed for Mechwarrior Online.

So far the only three mechs that have been confirmed are the Jenner; a fast, hard hitting raider, the slow but brutal Hunchback, and the rare, fearsome Atlas (pictured above).  There is no word yet on whether we’ll see the Unseen mechs, but I wouldn’t go getting my hopes up about seeing them in their original guises.

Check out the official site for a bit more info and to reserve your user name for online play.

Update:  PC Gamer have interviewed Russ Bullock of Piranha Games about the process that led to the revival of the Mechwarrior IP.