The end of the year is pretty much the optimal time to be looking back on it, because that’s when you’ve experienced the vast majority of it. I know that’s a pretty profound statement to take in right now, and you’re probably still recovering from overeating on Christmas day, but feel free to take in this special edition of the ButtonMasher Podcast, where we go over the year that was and pick out the highlights.

A podcast so short that we decided we needed some filler in the form of two strange energy drinks. We steamrolled over them so fast that they only added about five seconds worth of content. It’s still worth a listen though, because the power of Che Guevara’s highly merchandised visage compels you! If you have anything that you would like to contribute to next weeks 2011 retrospective podcast; highs, lows, oddities, flick and e-mail to wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz and we’ll do our best to weave it into the fine tapestry that is the ButtonMasher Podcast.


In a gag of impressive magnitude, the Caltech Prank Club managed to cover the Astor Place Cube in New York City with the hangings you see above to form a neat tribute to everyone’s favourite inanimate friend from the Portal games. Maybe someone in Hamilton would be keen to attach a portal gun and long fall boots to the statue of Riff Raff on Victoria Street… [source: Forevergeek.com]

I haven’t had many “Oh, I get it!” moments with Kinect, but a handful of consistent experiences are coming together to sell it as the ultimate social gaming platform. The low barrier to entry, like the no-hidden costs associated with buying extra controllers (and then having to deal with the casual people being unfamiliar with them) is helping the Kinect make sense to one such as myself who initially dismissed it as an annoying attempt to capture a slice of that Wii market.

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When EA gave us a few NFS: The Run decals, I’d thought about putting them on my car, you know, to be ironic. The idea of my Toyota Corolla rolling around with any kind of decals seemed beyond silly though, so the idea occurred to me, of giving them to someone who actually likes driving fast and has some experience with decals. But who? Gar, of course. The following six images tell a tale of fast times at a recent track day at Hampton Downs Raceway. The images of him staying in theme and wrecking his car on public roads and getting into fights with police as he flees haven’t been given to me; something about ‘not wanting to distribute evidence’.

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Two interesting tidbits of C&C news dropped through the inbox today.

Firstly EA are launching a cross-platform C&C that supports web and mobile apps, furthermore they use the infamous words “free to play” and note that it is also an MMO. As long as you expect fully to spend real money in-game, I imagine it could be a good thing. The closed Beta is starting as of now, so head over to the website and get signed up.

Secondly Command & Conquer Generals 2 is in the works, and there are two very good reasons to keep an eye out:

  • Bioware are developing the game
  • The game will run on Frostbite2
Colour me excited, even though we have no images yet.

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Gar gets pretty angry about Battlefield 3 in this one. He also answers his phone to talk to his mum, not far from the start of recording. I suspect it’s because he wanted to show off his new phone. Plenty of talk about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Paul talks about “Skyrim fatigue”? Oh and there’s some news stuff in there too. The real news though, is that this is the first podcast in a long while which was finished in under an hour!