The end of the year is pretty much the optimal time to be looking back on it, because that’s when you’ve experienced the vast majority of it. I know that’s a pretty profound statement to take in right now, and you’re probably still recovering from overeating on Christmas day, but feel free to take in this special edition of the ButtonMasher Podcast, where we go over the year that was and pick out the highlights.

2 thoughts on “ButtonMasher Podcast #159 GOTY!

  1. A GOTY discussion with no arguments and full of well mannered compromise. What is the world coming too. Also, loving the Sonic tunes!

  2. To make up for my failure to spell check, I’d like to vote for the Old World Blues DLC for Fallout New Vegas. Very cool and managed to mix up the wasteland a bit. Also had some great voice acting and humour.

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