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A thinking mans twin-stick shooter. This was my first impression of Fusion: Genesis when reading the description on the XBLA marketplace. It actually sound pretty damn awesome on paper. Heaps of missions, a long campaign, multiple factions, tons of upgrades and ship types, even various multiplayer options including player vs player and co-op. Wow! sounds pretty damn adventurous for an XBLA title…

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Finding time to review games at the moment is a real art. Not only is the weather getting us all outdoors and Christmas festivities are starting up, any time I do have for gaming is sucked up by some monstrous AAA titles. Namely Skyrim, Gears of War 3, and Forza 4, and even then Skyrim has managed to push the other two aside. So Mr BurgerTime World Tour, you better be making it worth my valuable gaming time for me to stop my dragon hunting quests…

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Developers Bethesda know their stuff, the massive games they repeatedly turn out are responsible for some big time chunks missing in my life.

Oblivion, the first game I bought with my first 360 and wow, that was a jaw dropper even though now a respect for Oblivion can be met with some derision. Personally I sank in excess of 120 hours into that game just messing about before I even started the main quest, which incidentally still sits on my shelf waiting for that day I hear the call to arms.

Fallout 3 and the subsequent New Vegas were in similar boats, however New Vegas didn’t catch me quite as much as Fallout did so I still have a lot of ground to cover there. Fallout 3 did scratch that itch and saw yet another playthrough I’m excess of 100 hours. On this occasion, I did finish the main quest as it was reasonably short, although I did wait until the game changing DLC dropped that left the world open once you had beaten the quest.

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Ron Gilbert, creator of Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island series, has been working in cahoots with Tim Schafer and company from Double Fine. For those of you who don’t know your gaming history, Schafer worked on the first two Monkey Islands along with Ron and Dave Grossman (now working for Telltale).

Ron says he’s had the idea in his head even before Maniac Mansion. That’s pre-dating 1987! Needless to say I’m excited and I sincerely pray it’s an adventure game. See the first released concept art after the break.

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