I was working on a witty headline, but I don’t the opposite for “viva la resistance”. Last week, Insomniac’s Ted Price mentioned in an interview that there were to be no more Resistance games produced under the Insomniac banner. Then after some headlines were made, Insomniac posted a YouTube clip of him talking about it, in which he reiterates and points out that this hasn’t been the first time the statement has been made, and that the series will continue under Sony and development studio Nihilistic. Still no sign of them reviving the Girl With A Stick project of old though, as they’re currently working on Overstrike.

There’s a surprising number of quotable remarks in this episode, from the Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield fanfiction, to the Saints Row bukake, and an astounding shocker from James regarding having separate MMO servers so that he doesn’t have to play with… certain people.

So, my friend got really drunk on New Years Eve and through the power of alcohol, became sure that he was blessed with a magical power of dance. Let’s say his humiliation was not quick, but it was complete. Between the splitting headache of his hangover, and the split in his pants, his new years resolution was to dance in a safer (ie, not on table tops) fashion, and what safer way to do it than at home, alone, with the curtains drawn, and with no one watching but a piece of electronic equipment? If that sounds familiar (let’s just say this ‘friend’ doesn’t exist), but you don’t have a copy of Dance Central 2, send wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz a photo of you (or someone or something in your house) busting out a finishing move. It can look as staunch or flamboyant as you like, I promise not to (openly) judge you.

When Uncharted 2 came out in late 2009 many of us, myself included, praised the game beyond measure. In fact it was most likely our game of the year. It was always going to be tough act to follow, but this is Naughty Dog we’re talking about here.

And pull it off they did. Uncharted 3 features the same whiz-bang graphics, narration, and action. But for some reason it just wasn’t as memorable. Perhaps other great games overshadowed it last year. Or maybe threequels have a disadvantage, now that things aren’t as shiny and new as they once were…

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My interest is always pricked when a developer openly says they are looking to change up the First Person Shooter genre. It is a truly admirable goal amidst the wash of generic military shooters currently ruling gaming. However it is clearly easier said than done. This psychedelic FPS has some great ideas and brief flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, attempts to make it a unique experience have come at the cost of its playability.

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With all the Resident Evil games popping I expect many of us have been eagerly awaiting an announcement on a numbered follow up to the series. Well here it is: Resident Evil 6, starring Leon, Chris, and company.

The trailer looks a little hectic to me, more Gears of War than survival horror. But if it’s anything close to RE4 I will be happy.

It’s scheduled to drop in the US on the 20th of November later this year.

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Voltron - Banner

Back in the day when cartoons were cool, not like today’s efforts, there was one that really had a huge fan base and cult like following. That cartoon was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The basic premise had five young humans in robot lions, known as the Voltron Force, defending the universe from evil. The cool thing though was that the five robot lions could combine into one giant sword wielding robot. And with over 120 episodes made you would think that there is plenty of substance for a great little XBLA game now wouldn’t you.

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