To recap, the photo competitions to win these games loosely followed the grand design of capturing yourself, or someone else (I mean, I don’t know what you look like, so why have an unenforceable rule?) with some sort of relevant subject matter, which were vehicles and Christmas presents. Past the break are the winners entries.

Enjoying SJ Bio 001Chris (FaceAche) gets the irony of an “enjoyable” Christmas present. He also has no respect for the dead, and somehow that makes him a winner here. In his defence though, famous people don’t die in the same way that someone you know might die, so it’s okay to make jokes and profit off that. Go on, just try and claim that you didn’t laugh at a Michael Jackson joke when that went down.

IMG_0199Johnny (CaptainFalcon) sent in a picture of his boy enjoying a shark plushie with gusto. “Gusto” means earnestly and without irony, which was perhaps a little against the tone of the e-mail, but kids don’t know anything but sincerity in those early days, so I can’t find it within myself to disqualify on those grounds.

clip_image001Here’s a picture of Joel driving his own Aston Martin. Something about the picture looks a little bit odd, but I’m not one to listen to the voice of suspicion when presented with an exotic car.
For the record, Joel sent in several other ‘by the book’ entries, but it just so happens that I love a good MS Paint job.

Segway2Two wheels good, four wheels bad? Kevin rocks a Segway, which for some reason still isn’t included in Forza, and I don’t know why. Sure, exclude the motorbikes, but don’t overlook the noble motorised equivalent of the unicycle!

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