Ever since the first announcements I have kept a lazy eye on this title and it’s development. Being a long term fan of Snowblind games, it was exciting to hear they were back in the ’hack n slash’ genre, not forgetting they had tapped into one of the richest backdrops in the world of fantasy and RPG.

Given the furor of big name releases in the close of the year did this sleeper make a successful challenge for ’under the radar’ tile of 2011? Continue reading

Topics today include: Games, SOPA, and other things. American politics “be crazy” and I hear that The Internet “has a lot of content on it.” Yeah, speaking the truth like that.

It might sound like a mouthful, but two of the tastiest looking title for Q1 this year are nicely intertwined by offering gamers that experience the demo of each game with extra content for the other.

You can check out the official release beyond the link, but I would just skim to the pictures with a hearty ‘Hell Yeah!’ The Commander has never looked so good. Official press release follows. Continue reading

If your household is anything like mine, there’s probably someone special that’s bitterly disappointed that there wasn’t a living, breathing, cute animal of some description under the Christmas tree for them. You might think I’m talking about a child, but I’m not. Anyway, here’s an opportunity to mitigate some of the damage that you may have done, if, like me, you wrapped up a box and poked air holes in to it. Send wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz a picture of you or someone in your house ‘enjoying’ something they got for Christmas that doesn’t need to poop and you’ll be in the draw for a copy of Kinectimals (now with bears!)

Gar’s back in action after an allegedly ‘epic’ holiday, and the newly reformed podcast team is here to talk about recent shenanigans, game announcements, promotions, games that might have been, and at some point, the pulling and pushing of blocks.


Do you have a nagging need to play androgynous characters and watch dramatic cut-scenes featuring big swords? Then you might want to be hanging around your PS3 or Xbox on the 11th of January. Square Enix are dropping a Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo a few weeks before the release of the full game, which is due at the beginning of February 2012.

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Mario Kart 7 was one of the most highly anticipated titles for the Nintendo 3DS console even before its launch was officially announced. While there was obvious disappointment that MK7 couldn’t be a “killer” title to launch alongside the 3DS, most would have conceded that it would be better to wait until the game was ready and perfected, rather than to risk a rushed release.

Mario Kart DS was one of the best games on the DS, which is saying something when there was such a solid library of titles of the 3DS predecessor. Selling over 20 million copies worldwide, it is still a title in reasonable demand for those who have recently acquired the DS hardware. The Mario Kart family has always had a solid reputation for quality, playability, and, above all, fun, and Mario Kart 7 does not disappoint. While it may not be enough to make you purchase a 3DS just to play it, anyone with a 3DS should consider it a “must-have” title for the console.

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It’s a podcast-lite this week. Not just because we’re largely in holiday brain-addled mode, but also because Gar is nowhere to be found. Possibly getting drunk somewhere, like he was last year. In any case, we go over the past two weeks of gaming habits for us, and touch on the latest updates of some lawsuits, and then that “Ocean Marketting” debacle.