As is their duty, the podcastronauts are back to talk about relevant topics, like the design challenges a development team must face when tackling a 3D version of a game when one of the major plot points is that the characters loses one of their eyes. Also, rocking out, and this week brings another edition of Gar’s Cars.

Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio, if you were like me and had an American copy) was a first party Sega title on the Dreamcast. You’d go around the city by rollerblades and spray graffiti everywhere and then The Man would show up, all angry, because the city is basically a police state. I really liked it, to a point. Sega has released a YouTube clip (below) which teases the next Dreamcast game for digital distribution, and the tease is quite recognisable as the radio logo thing from Jet Set Radio, so I guess we can’t complain that they’re being to cryptic.

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Everybody has an uncle or a distant relative that has an under educated armchair opinion on how the All Blacks could improve or how the Warriors could win the NRL, Sitting there listening to your relative giving his thoughts on what coach/player/assistant should get the sack or who should be getting paid less or more is a tradition in any sport crazy family, these outlandish attempts at the armchair general managers position can all now be executed (well at least in a football sense) with Football Manager 2012.

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To be absolutely clear, I’m not being negative here. Ben Kuchera of the newly founded Penny Arcade Report has written an article about his time playing a game called Johann Sebastian Joust, and it sounds totally awesome. Technically I guess it’s not a videogame, as, while it does run on a laptop, it forgoes the “video” part and uses up to seven Playstation Move controllers as a game might use eggs and spoons, if the games objective was to have your opponents eggs fall from the spoon and splatter on the ground by any means necessary. The official site has a few videos of people playing, and all I can say is that I want in.

“Gosh, that’s a nice looking screen,” I said silently to myself. “…and the first thing you’ll notice,” said Dave Hine, preparing to lead me quickly through the bulleted list of features, “is the stunning five inch, OLED display.” He wasn’t a mind reader; right off the bat the most striking thing about the Vita is the visual fidelity it offers, but there’s plenty of things beyond the screen to be interested in. Continue reading

Nintendo is keen to get their hands dirty with some multiplayer gaming with the people it seems, and to facilitate it, they’ve created their own community for players to join and race each other. The Nintendo management themselves have set aside Monday the 27th 8:30pm – 9:30pm (NZ time) to throw down, but the release also states “plus special guest challengers”, so who knows who they have up their sleeves. Follow the link above for full instructions on how to meet up with them, and if you see Nin*Heathe or Nin*Beau, hit them with a red shell for me!

Welcome back, iTunes listeners. From now on podcast posts will be written in the third person, because in fixing the problem with the iTunes feed, Wugga realised that the description didn’t make all that much sense with all the “I this” and “I that” and such. Everyone on the podcrew has been playing the Mass Effect 3 demo, except one individual who gets his weekly Dark Souls talk almost entirely vetoed. Listen until the end of the podcast for a Fenix Rising download code! And instructions on how to win Gar’s inflatable omni-blade (you don’t want to, but the instructions are there.)

For those with a Wii console looking for some traditional Nintendo fare, Mario Party 9 is due for launch shortly in New Zealand, promising (as each iteration does) new mini-games, new gameplay,  but also the good old Mario Party fun that most of the games in the series have delivered on.

We get the game along with Australia, just behind Europe (March 2), and just before America on March 11. Japan falls behind with an April launch. No sign of a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo on the box art though, meaning sadly no online multiplayer which would have breathed new life into the formula. There’s always next console eh?