As predicted, not as many people were keen to enter this competition, despite my firm belief that Dance Central 2 is without a doubt one of the best games available for the Xbox Kinect. Thankfully we did get enough entries to actually give them away, and the winners can be viewed and admired after the break.

2012-01-26 16.25.13[5]Matt managed this somehow and firmly states that he hasn’t employed any kind of photoshop trickery. Presumably he likes to dance on a trampoline I guess? Or in clubs where the dance floor is littered with miniature houses and trees, and maybe a hoop that any white guy can dunk on.

Funky Town!Chris (who attentive readers might notice picks up his second win in this spree of Kinect competitions) submits this move which looks suspiciously like something out of a haka. Two points spring to mind: Will we ever see a “War Dance Central”, and will anyone accuse me of letting this entry win simply because it intimidated me? He actually claims there’s a full video of him dancing to Funky Town. In which case; you’re doing it wrong, dude!

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