No Wugga today.  That means the podcast is all mine, to do with as I please. Some would say that power corrupts, but I say that anyone caught saying that will be the first against the wall.

er, that’s also the reason this ‘cast is a bit late.  It turns out putting a podcast on the internet is harder than it look.

If ever there’s a game to make a reviewer sound like a hippy (or a hippy-hater, if it’s a negative review), ThatGameCompany has been developing them; Flow, the Flash game gone PSN Sixaxis downloadable, then Flower, the game with a pretty unsubtle environmentalist tone to it, and now Journey, a game with the lofty ambitions of provoking wonder and emotions from the humble position of a PSN downloadable title. Continue reading

This year’s behemoth of a game, another end to a trilogy that also started in this generation, is finally here; if there’s a more widely anticipated game coming this year, I’m not aware of it. Many familiar faces return, some just for cameo appearances, others for something more substantial, but it’ll be a short reunion, as the singular theme that runs throughout is that this is a bleak, do-or-die, last ditch effort finale. Continue reading

How about that ending to Mass Effect 3, eh? Well, you won’t find much talk about it in here, only 50% of the podcastronauts have actually finished it, so there’s only so much that can be said without stabbings. Syndicate is still awesome though.

I, like many many people that were in to PC games during the 90s, played, and loved, Syndicate. I then played and loved the notoriously difficult expansion, The American Revolt, when I bought Syndicate Plus on a shiny CD ROM. I even went as far to play and love Syndicate Wars, which, despite numerous cool things, was not destined to be the high point in the franchise. So with the announcement of a FPS revival of the series, I felt that I was in a good position to understand the ‘core fan’ outcry over the betrayal of the originals squad-based RTS format, but really, I was just happy that something, anything was happening with the franchise. Now that I’ve sunk many hours into it, my trend of “playing and loving” continues.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship has blown up in the past 10 years from being a sport of obscurity to this huge empire built from the age old concept of beating the living crap out of someone, like the sport of mixed martial arts itself, the UFC undisputed video game has evolved into a massively popular and deep game. Breaking the chain linked habit of producing an annual sports game, the team at THQ/Yukes have manage to up the ante with a more defined game with added features that would send any UFC fan in to a knocked out frenzy.

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GST2 Banner

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is a followup game to Grand Slam Tennis (a Nintendo Wii exclusive title), but cannot really be considered a sequel. The game is entirely different from that of the Wii, and has been released for the Xbox 360 as well as PS3 (but not on Wii). It is the first EA Sports tennis title to grace an HD console, and comes up against the tennis sim Top Spin, as well as Virtua Tennis, featuring an arcade tennis style.

As the name suggests gameplay is based around the four Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments, having secured the license to all four Slams including exclusively featuring Wimbledon. The career mode should be the major highlight for the game, but sadly the game serves up a series of disappointing double faults and unforced errors.

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Gar’s not here and the whole podcast turns to crap. Wugga’s making gun sound effects, Paul forgets what he was meant to say about Rebel Sports, James forgets how to say anything, all within the first five minutes! Oh, and they all forget to give a late title to the podcast, but hey, talking about videogames for an hour will do that to you.

Before Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan there was another duo in town; Jak and Daxter. Naughty Dog’s last series of games took place on the PlayStation 2.

And I was smitten. I played all three games as well as the spinoff Jax X: Combat Racing. Which wasn’t such a bad game guys. Really.

Instead of treating this as a new release (it clearly isn’t) I will briefly go over each of the games and discuss some pointers about the HD release.

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