In a world of videogames where it’s all about how realistic things look and how true to life something sounds, the reintroduction and remix of an old classic board game is a breath of fresh air. We have learnt with all remakes and/or remixes to classics bring the deep risk of beating a dead horse and trying to squeeze the lemon for that last drop of juice. Thankfully with Quarrel we avoid this repetitive death trap and have a well-defined fusion of an old classic and a twist of combative WAR and in this game War is good for 6 points apparently.

Collaboration (17 points)

Quarrel is in its broken down form, basically half scrabble and half Risk, the game starts you off in a head to head ( or 3 to 4 players) match up, each player is given an equal amount of land masses to occupy with your squadron of soldiers ( or ninjas, pirates etc.). Once the turn schedule is sorted at random then the claws come out and it is all out WAR. each player has their turns and from there they select which territory they choose to conquer, strength in numbers is an important aspect of the game when it comes to combat but a nimble mind and fast fingers could overcome and upset a cocky bully player that wants to take out your army of 4 with his of 8. The game continues this partnership and it goes together like Sandy Olsen and Danny Zuko. The overlapping of games feels natural and complement each other perfectly from the militant feel that you get with Risk to the pressure of coming up with a 2 letter you would get with scrabble.

Skirmish (17 points)

One on One combat is where the scrabble aspect of the game comes in to play, players are given and 8 letter to come up with the best possible combination to oust your opponent, as opposed to Risk random dice roll to produce a victor, In quarrel you live or die by your word construction abilities. Both players get the same letters to construct a word that will go head to head with your opponent (if both sides are equal it then goes on the speed of your word). To the victor goes the spoils or in this case a new territory to occupy.

Evolution (12 points)

As the popularity of scrabble has increased so has the spawns of variations of the game (e.g. Upwards, Syzygy, Super scrabble), but as the old saying goes “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. The scoring of scrabble is the same and it adds some sense of familiarity. With full functionality of Xbox live, you can take your vocabulary and face off in an array of games which you will see turn into an all-out backstab-fest. The Introduction of custom rules is great to add more life to the game over a period of time.

Conclusion (14 points)

Overall the game is a must have for anyone who loves scrabble or any form of scrabble, I found myself become quicker and learning new words to plop into my vocabulary. I would highly recommend it for children that find reading difficult as this game can enhance literacy. It’s a robust but fun game that could be played over a beer at a mate’s house or at home trolling Noobs on xbox live. At only 400 Microsoft points it’s a steal and if your still hesitant give the free iPhone version to get a taste of what Quarrel has to offer.

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