The Ultimate Fighting Championship has blown up in the past 10 years from being a sport of obscurity to this huge empire built from the age old concept of beating the living crap out of someone, like the sport of mixed martial arts itself, the UFC undisputed video game has evolved into a massively popular and deep game. Breaking the chain linked habit of producing an annual sports game, the team at THQ/Yukes have manage to up the ante with a more defined game with added features that would send any UFC fan in to a knocked out frenzy.

The first thing you will notice about UFC undisputed 3 is the amount of depth of the roster, a lot has happened in the 2 years hiatus THQ took to develop the game and the most obvious is the purchase of the W.E.C organisation which housed the featherweight and bantamweight division bringing over a pool of amazingly talented smaller fighters to the UFC add that with the previously superior Pride Fighting championship roster of present day superstars it brings the fighter selection to a grand total of 148 fighters and Bob Sapp.

The inclusion of leg kick TKO’s adds a new dimension to the game and brings more strategy and knowledge into the game, if your opponent is a great takedown specialist a few kicks to the knee will help you deflect any takedown attempts, the jab is also a huge factor in this game as it is used as a stop sign to any Knock out punches coming your way.

Sport gamers most often use the platform of gaming to compare one team/athlete to another and it’s become a trend lately to include past legends of the sport to compare with, and with UFC Undisputed 3 that trend is no more vicious than the addition of the Pride Fighting. If you are unfamiliar Pride FC was a Japanese organisation that kick started the career of many of the most popular UFC stars of today (Rampage Jackson, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua to name a few), Pride ran by its own rules and they were vicious which include soccer kicks and Stomps in a fight. This feature has been done with class and has done everything imaginable to recreate the classic battles of yester year. In a sense, Pride mode seems to be a spinoff separate game, with different entrances, commentators, rules and the ever so annoying yet Iconic ring female announcer, it is a true salute to how amazingly different Pride was in comparison to the UFC.

The career mode has been revamped but still has that repetitive tendency, not saying it hasn’t improved but after being impressed and Blown away by the career/experience of Fight Night Champion the UFC career just didn’t seem to keep me hooked, the inclusion of going through the career mode with a current UFC fighter is great and also the removal of them damn repetitive Joe Rogan interviews had me thanking the good lord. The career mode spans 15 years (6-8 fights a year) with the main goal of entering the UFC hall of fame (yes they do have one).

The shining star of the game in my opinion is the Classic match option, this has changed from the past 2 games and has added a timed aspect to the mode, you pick a fighter and fight in a classic match, a overlay will pop up saying you have x amount of time to do x amount of a move, This advisory option runs alongside the real fight, with over 20-30 things to tick off the depth to each match is amazing, fighting Wanderlei vs. Rampage has never been so sweet. Other matches were available by DLC and more are to come in the future.

The modes go on and on from Championship mode to create a PPV option to be Dana White, they really have put all the bells and whistles on to this year’s serving of UFC. The commitment to bringing out DLC seems to be there this year as the game offers a season pass to download the upcoming UFC fighters and Classic matches, this is a huge change to the previous iterations of the game as there was nothing after release.

The online component to the game seems to have improved, with the game being more balanced and the UFC’s new found worldwide popularity the possibility for a fair and lag free game is increased. The first week of release THQ servers couldn’t handle the influx of players but since then has improved the reliability of the servers and hopefully will maintain that stability. The game is also hindered by the online code theory of second handabilty.

Overall this game is a must have for any MMA Junkie that finds joy in seeing Antonio Noguera getting his arm snapped or Anthony Pettis doing a Crazy Ryu Kick off the cage. the game has legit depth and will be a crowd pleaser at any social get together with the guys. After a year of play testing and online surveys to the UFC community, THQ has meticulously sieved through the peoples advice and made a game that goes levels ahead of its predecessors.

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