Wipeout is a showcase franchise, particularly for the Sony handhelds now. With the release of the PS Vita showing a new Wipeout game to wow spectators with seizurific colours, challenging tracks, blinding speed and thumping electronic soundtrack. So, the formula for Wipeout hasn’t changed drastically; even if you haven’t played a Wipeout game since the original, flying through a track with all the crazy arcs and turns that it entails, and then piling into a wall and going from first to last in the blink of an eye will feel familiar. Continue reading

This episode is dedicated to insane people who like to climb buildings. Wugga met one. The first two minutes or so features this encounter. Then we return to games. Gar and James get alienated by talk of tennis, Wugga trolls Gar, Paul manages to not talk about Dark Souls, and James doesn’t think anyone should get upset about [SPOILER REDACTED].

Tecmo-Koei released a video recently for Dead Or Alive 5 that starts off innocently enough with Kasumi and Ayane, predictably having a big old catfight. Where it goes from there, though, was a little unexpected. Akira Yuki, of Virtua Fighter, shows up and dukes it out with Kasumi. With Street Fighter crossing over with everyone and anyone, MK crossing over with DC, Tekken crossing with SF, and Soul Calibur featuring anyone who “might be hot right now”, this smells a little like the only two left on the dance floor without partners (though DOA featured a Halo Spartan in DOA4). Though I’m not huge on cameos, my unique experience with these franchises puts me in a position to appreciate this very, very much.

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In a world of videogames where it’s all about how realistic things look and how true to life something sounds, the reintroduction and remix of an old classic board game is a breath of fresh air. We have learnt with all remakes and/or remixes to classics bring the deep risk of beating a dead horse and trying to squeeze the lemon for that last drop of juice. Thankfully with Quarrel we avoid this repetitive death trap and have a well-defined fusion of an old classic and a twist of combative WAR and in this game War is good for 6 points apparently.

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2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

After EA blocked Turn 10’s efforts to include officially licence Porsche cars in Forza Motorsport 4, we had to make do with RUF’s range of modified Porsches.  However, a big DLC pack has just been announced that will right this heinous wrong.  On May 22nd, the new pack will drop, bringing with it 30 officially licensed Porsches, including 7 that were not in FM3.  The pack also includes 250 points worth of new achievements.  Only two specific models have been announced: 2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic, and 2010 Porsche Boxster S.

The Porsche pack will cost a hefty 1600 points, which is about lineball with the pricing of their usual 10 car packs, considering the number of cars, which are 560 points.

In bigger news, a mysterious trailer appeared the other day, purporting to show a new game in the franchise, called Forza Horizon, with a release date some time in the Northern Hemisphere’s fall.

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After putting 70+ hours into the Kingdom of Amalur and its internal struggles, I decided it might be time to write the review, because I couldn’t even tell you how much more time I am going to take to save this wondrous place from all its problems. Looking at the map tells me I have only explored around half of the available areas, so it could still be a wee while yet. Especially if you look at my outstanding quest log too. Thankfully my time in Amalur is enjoyable and not feeling like a chore or grind-fest.

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Shooters, first or third person, haven’t enjoyed a stellar reputation on handheld devices, at least not compared with the home counterparts. This generation though, has dual analogue controls, thanks to the demand of players. Not that the typical Resident Evil experience has revolved around using the western scheme of having a second stick to control direction, but hey, we live in a post-Dead Space survival horror gaming world now, adapt or die! Continue reading

Shank is very much like our friend Kratos; he duel wields sharp objects, isn’t afraid of a little blood, and his face wears a big ugly scowl.

While I didn’t manage to check out the first Shank, Shank 2 on its own has a commendable fighting system, smooth controls, and a very pleasing graphic art style. Not to mention blood — lots and lots of blood.

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