Dreamworks is making Need For Speed movie. Or they’re close to penning the deal, reports Deadline. And why not? We live in a world where they made a movie out of the board game Battleship, and that movie based on Asteroids is supposed to be in the works. It could actually be enjoyable, too. The writer and producer for Real Steel are on board (though in opposite roles, weirdly), and that was a surprisingly decent, if completely straight forward film. A movie based on Need For Speed could be totally awesome though, for all the wrong reasons. I’m saying, pull in Paul Walker and Vin Diesel (just to confuse the marketplace with another Fast & Furious movie), get the Duncan Bros. involved (creators of the spectacularly ridiculous Overdrift), and pull in some characters/actors from the games themselves, like Sergeant Cross and Razor Callahan. That would be some kind of magical train wreck that I would gladly pay to see. [via Giant Bomb]

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