Michael Larabel, founder of the Linux website Phoronix, was recently at Valve HQ, his Twitter account allegedly states. He is a well-respected member of the Linux community, and seems highly unlikely to disseminate inaccurate information, but we’re adding the question mark just in case.

He tweets that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Steam is indeed coming to the open-source Linux operating system. Now, it seems nice to write this accomplishment off for the hyper tech nerds only, but remember, Android is based atop of a variant of Linux, so further alterations to get it to run on the mobile OS would seem to be far less of an effort.

Of course, this is no way means that developers are required to port their games to Linux at all, and overall Steam game OSX support is still fairly low, but the future is just a tad bit brighter. Wait, no, it’s not getting bri…did you check the drivers? Okay, boot into kernel mode, we’re going to have to…

Oh, never mind.

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