Here’s something awesome. In celebration of Frogger’s impending 30th birthday (don’t worry buddy, you won’t feel any different), some folks from have hacked together a Frogger arcade machine with a twist: The cars in the game appear and act according to data pulled from a webcam staring at Fifth Avenue, New York. Just watching the video makes me think that as difficult as the game might be, it seems infinitely more preferable than actually driving in that traffic mess.

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If World of Goo and Worms ever had a baby I imagine that the resulting child would be something along the lines of The Splatters. The latest in the line of now popular physics based puzzle games has you detonating little bombs by moving them into an accessible area and then exploding your living blobs of paint over as many as possible. There isn’t too much more to this colourful game but it’s charm will soon have you in the ‘just-one-more-go’ frame of mind.

Continue reading dropped the ball a bit by letting everyone see this trailer before it was officially released by Sony; particularly as the title itself hasn’t even been announced. From the contents of the trailer, it looks to be a prequel, perhaps a little bit like Reach was for Halo. Only more depressing, because at the end, instead of making the ultimate sacrifice so the heroes can escape, you end up being enslaved by your saviour, who will eventually betray due to your torment, and things get worse from there.

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F1 3 As the only ‘sim like’ racer available at launch I had high hopes for F1 2011. Producers Codemasters have handed the development of the game to Sumo Digital. They developed F1 2009 on the PSP so their back ground in Formula 1 games is decent. Being a portable game it’s safe to assume it’ll have limited capabilities compared to the full console versions. Which is true, but it’s not that limited.

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If there is one thing I like as much as a post-apocalyptic setting, it’s a steampunk setting. And how is this for a tasty sampler of Bethesda’s next release. Being developed by Arkane Studios and due out towards the end of the year. Add it to your list I say.


Tonight’s ‘cast features a little thing we (Wugga) like to call the EA POWER HOUR.  Things be going down at EA.  Or not.  Also, other things.  You get my drift.  Or not.  It matters not!  Listen.  Comprehend.  Enjoy.

We will be back next week with more things, of which we will speak.

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I have fond memories of the original Twisted Metal on PSone. It was a smack talking couch combat regular with friends. The game play was basic but fast paced and exciting. Purely named ‘Twisted Metal’ is the first iteration for the series on current generation consoles. Having not played Twisted Metal on PS2 or PSP I was eager to get my hands on the new title. First impressions? I’m way out of practice.

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Dreamworks is making Need For Speed movie. Or they’re close to penning the deal, reports Deadline. And why not? We live in a world where they made a movie out of the board game Battleship, and that movie based on Asteroids is supposed to be in the works. It could actually be enjoyable, too. The writer and producer for Real Steel are on board (though in opposite roles, weirdly), and that was a surprisingly decent, if completely straight forward film. A movie based on Need For Speed could be totally awesome though, for all the wrong reasons. I’m saying, pull in Paul Walker and Vin Diesel (just to confuse the marketplace with another Fast & Furious movie), get the Duncan Bros. involved (creators of the spectacularly ridiculous Overdrift), and pull in some characters/actors from the games themselves, like Sergeant Cross and Razor Callahan. That would be some kind of magical train wreck that I would gladly pay to see. [via Giant Bomb]

If people didn’t think you were crazy enough by overhearing you talk to your Xbox, conversing with people in Mass Effect 3, telling Dance Central 2 how to serve up the next dance battle, or chastising your pet in The Sims 3: Pets, then shouting in the ancient tongue of the Dhove will surely test them further. Everyone’s favourite sprawling open world, dragon-infested RPG is getting voice recognition, including assigning weaponry, commanding allies, and more. The headlining item, though, is that you’ll be able to be able to cast the powerful shouts without accessing a menu. Unless, of course, you need to know what words to utter, since “unrelenting force” is unrecognisable English, but “FAS RO DAH!” is both the strange words of the dragon-speak, and totally better to yell. The video sums it all up pretty well:

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So far pretty much all of the Kinect only titles have been fairly average at best with Kinect compatible titles like Mass Effect 3 showing more promise. Kinect Rush – A Disney/Pixar Adventure is the latest in the line of family friendly Kinect titles to be released and with all time Pixar greats like Toy Story and Cars in the the mix at least it should market well. But with such great characters and locations at your finger tips you would hope that this is a game that really uses Kinect to it’s full potential. Well, lets see how we go…

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