Yes! Yes indeed.  It is number one hundred and seventy four.  Ignore Wugga’s little indiscretion last week when he labelled it bloody 178 or whatever.  All is once again right with the world, and your loving host GaR is back behind the reins.  Wugga is present, oh yes, but his misnumbering will not be an issue henceforth.  Honest.

Forgive the reused image, I have only MSPaint and no mouse.  So y’know.

This week we talk about video games.  As per ever we spend too much time discussing what EA and Bioware have been up to.  Our little love-hate relationship with the EA juggernaut of largely awesome games and shithouse customer relations continues apace.  So listen!  Enjoy!  We’ll be back next week with more of the same.  Don’t bother to thank me, and yes, I know the way out.  Your hospitality has been most gracious.  Au revoir.


The Coup De Gar has come to an end, and the usual Podmaster is back in the seat of power. And what a podcast of Wuggness we have. Most of it is just what he played in the past two weeks, and the rest is some news and other games that the dudes have been playing. Oh, and a story about a fart.