When I was a boy I played games on my Amiga, one of them was Carrier Command combining strategy, action, simulation and above all imagination. Many games of that era stay in our minds, but Carrier Command is something that held a special place and to see it getting this kind of revision really is exciting.Roll on September 27th!

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As somebody that was very impressed with Lord of the Rings : War in the North, I was pleasantly surprised by this announcement. Admittedly there is nothing much on the website and it is a last minute hurrah before E3 opens its doors, but even without the Snowblind team behind it if the combat is anywhere near as satisfying as WitN was…well 5 vs 5 fantasy combat has to be your bag. Press release and website after the break. Continue reading

Could this out-DiRT DiRT?  A new off-road racing game bearing the name of a famous motocross rider that doesn’t feature motorbikes seems like a strange move – especially with THQ’s recent abandonment of its MX vs ATV franchise.  Those aren’t really this title’s competition though.  Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is coming out on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 800 points and $9.99, respectively.

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The pre-E3 podcast is here and Wugga’s back in the editing seat. Diablo, the rebel lions of Mass Effect 3 are significantly represented in the playing habits, for everyone except Gar, who’s apparently content to play the excuse making game! Also… Duck vaginas are like mazes (just so you know).

Whether by mistake or prank, the logo for Earth’s unified military forces in Microsoft’s/Bungie’s/343 Industries’ hit game series Halo popped up in a BBC report on the United Nations Security Council’s response to the Syrian crisis. I’m guilty of hastily using Google Image Search all the time myself, but, y’know, I’m not responsible for what gets seen on an internationally broadcast TV news show.

Creating a game that will also act as a supply of content for another game which I have great affection for, is a great way to get me to pay for said game. Harmonix has announced 15 tracks that will come with Rock Band Blitz, and a brief look shows some pretty solid reasons to pick up the game for the tracks alone, and given that the going rate for a song is usually 160 MS points, it’ll be exceptional value as long as it’s priced within the usual digitally-distributed price points. Continue reading

CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto announced to investors that the company seeks to reduce the time to develop “major titles” to just two and a half years, down from the “usual three to four”. Thankfully, he addresses the fact that this will cost extra, in order to maintain quality. What isn’t addressed is what this will mean for the releases of a less than major variety, like the adjective prefix versions of fighting games, or the subtitled variations of something like Dead Rising: Case West. I’m going to assume they’ll stay business as usual, and hopefully not get stepped up to be weekly releases.

The contents of the upcoming multiplayer content pack for Mass Effect 3 has been detailed, and it looks like a good one. Two new levels, one on the Asari world of Thessia and the other in some kind of jungle area; six new class variants by way of two humans (“ex-Cerberus” Adept and Vanguard), two Quarians, (male Quarians, Engineer and Infiltrator), and two Vorchas (Vorchi? Soldier and sentinel), and three new weapons, adding to the already crowded categories of shotgun, assault and sniper rifles. The content is reported to be due on Tuesday for the 360, and Wednesday on the PS3 (probably late in the evening for us given the time difference).


While it’s hardly the sexiest subject in the world, the weather is probably one of the most widely discussed topics of conversation in every day life. It often affects our ability to perform activities we had planned, can spoil or enhance events we are attending, and is even proven to affect our mood. Well now “there’s an App for that”.

MetService has just released the Metservice app, available on both iOS and Android. This is a review of the iOS app, but the Android app was developed in conjunction and is also functionally identical. The iOS app was designed by Shift (creators of the beautifully looking Herald iPad app) and developed by Wellington-based PaperKite (the team behind the Official All Blacks App as well as the “I can’t believe they made it” NZ Budget 2012″ App). MetService already has an excellent and informative free website, as well as a “mobile-optimised” version of the same site for smaller screens, so is it worth spending the $2.59 on this new release app?

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Bee leader header 03

Flightless, the award-winning local developers behind a growing list of iOS games, have just released their latest universal iOS game Bee Leader. As the name implies, you take to the skies as a Bee, working to gather as much nectar to make honey while the sun shines. It’s obvious that the development team spent some time to study the life of bees in the course of making this game, but was all the effort worth it?

As soon as I fired I Bee Leader I was impressed by the visual style and upbeat soundtrack. The vibrant colours and “springy” menus were full of life, and promised a fun and unique experience. A quick start guide provides the necessary instruction for first-timers but within minutes you’ll be sent into the wings of a bee tasked with making as much honey as possible before the sun sets.

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