This must be the one thousandth and second Kickstarter campaign inspired by Tim Schafer & Double Fine’s big money project. Jane Jensen is another big name in the adventure games biz — namely for the Gabriel Knight series – and she’s now starting up a new game studio with her husband. They’re calling it Pinkerton Road.

The interesting bit about this Kickstarter is this thing they’re calling the CSG model – Community Supported Gaming. That means you get all the games that studio produces for that cycle. Though to get all the games for that year you need pay up for one of the higher tiers. At this stage Jensen acknowledges to start with they may only be able to produce one game.

And that game is Moebius, a “metaphysical thriller”. The idea was voted on by the initial Kickstarter backers. I myself would’ve voted for a Gray Matter 2, but this new series sounds just as promising. Jensen vows to work on more Gabriel Knight games when their studio grows.

Tim Schafer & Ron Gilbert, Al Lowe, and now Jane Jensen. It certainly is a great time to be an adventure fan.

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