While the Kickstarter campaigns mentioned here have more or less been successful, Republique is in danger of failing with less than 40 hours to raise $500,000. They’re currently at $355,333. The catch of Kickstarter is that if the pledged goal isn’t met within the time frame the project isn’t funded. The developers get 0 cents and the backers are out of a game. So while some projects may crack $10 million, little guys like Republique here lie mostly forgotten.

Republique is a game designed for iOS devices but a PC and Mac version is also in the works. It’s a cinematic third person stealth game with a twist. You control security cameras and computer systems trying to save Hope from a freaky 1984ish nightmare state.

The game includes special voice acting stars such as David Hayter. You may know him as Solid Snake. And Jennifer Hale. You may know her from Mass Effect… if you went female.

While I’m pretty sure the game will still see the light of day even if the Kickstarter fails, if this thing interests you at all, please help fund Republique.

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