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Bargain Bin Breakdowns, are uber-quick reviews for games purchased on sale for $25 or less. The idea is to give a fast verdict on titles that may have been skipped by gamers at the time of release. Possibly due to average review scores or cash constraints. So, do these games now offer value for money if picked up on the cheap?

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days released in 2010 with a NZ retail price around the $100 mark. It received varied reviews worldwide, ranging from 1/10 to 9/10. The current Metacritic score is 63.

Price – In early 2012, I grabbed a copy from Mighty Ape for $16 on the Xbox 360.

Single-player – A brief 5 hour campaign with online and split-screen Co-Op. It oozes realism and violence. The solid voice acting carries a very basic script and plot.

Story – Simple. The ‘job’ has gone to shit, get the hell out of Shanghai while saying f#ck a lot!

Gameplay – Standard cover based 3rd person shooter with super solid mechanics and interesting environments. Unfortunately it is hampered by limited weapon types and repetitive enemies.

Graphics – Possibly an acquired taste for some. But the ‘shaky-cam’ style gives a feeling of desperate, gritty realism. Its awesome, and is also not a bad way to hide pop-in and blurry textures.

Multi-player – Some very interesting ideas no doubt. But overall not worth considering due to the lag and empty lobbies.


10680582-the-word-verdict-on-a-wood-block-with-a-gavel-beside-it-representing-the-final-decision-judgment-ansIf you find it for less than $20, grab it! The campaign alone should be played for the great graphical style,  the characters and Lynch, running around naked after being tortured with a craft knife. Very ouchie!

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  1. Picked it up ages ago for next to nothing…. Still in cellophane wrapper. Might have to get into it.

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