My thoughts on Kinect have always been pretty clear – I just don’t really get what the fuss is all about. The tech looked highly promising – the final implementation never impressed me much and nothing has changed to convince me otherwise yet.

LEAP into the future – the near future in fact – and dreams of a Minority Report control system could be just around the corner. LEAP Motion have showcased their upcoming product which could have you gesturing in thin air to control aspects of your computing, with potential gaming applications far beyond what Kinect has shown itself to be capable of. Claimed to be accurate down to “1/100th of a millimetre”, the tiny device aims to allow you to use not only your arms like Kinect, but also your hands and fingers. You can even grip a pen and “write” with it – the LEAP can apparently map those fine movements as if you were using a tablet.

Check out the video below which demonstrates what the LEAP aims to achieve. Whether you believe it to be real or just a mockup is up to you but pre-orders have opened for a limited number at the impossibly low price of USD $70 (under NZD $100). Will you be pre-ordering one for the launch of late 2012/early 2013?

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