Could this out-DiRT DiRT?  A new off-road racing game bearing the name of a famous motocross rider that doesn’t feature motorbikes seems like a strange move – especially with THQ’s recent abandonment of its MX vs ATV franchise.  Those aren’t really this title’s competition though.  Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad is coming out on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 800 points and $9.99, respectively.

It features five vehicles; two classes each of trophy trucks and buggies, and rally cars.  There don’t seem to be differing vehicles within each class, although there will be plenty of customisation options for the mechanical side of things and custom liveries for the aesthetic.  There are seven tracks, six of which are winding loops of dirt tracks, with the seventh a point to point winding dirt track.

There are single and multiplayer modes, and the game also boasts 60fps framerates at 1080p resolution

Look out for this one on June 27th, and check out the official site for more info.

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