During the usual process of procrastinating the precedes the podcast being uploaded and posted, I was interrupted by the fire alarm, causing me to spend a good few minutes barefoot in the freezing cold street at the front of the building. So that’s why it’s late, or something. Whatever. Games! Lots of them! Talked about!

I always wondered how the “Meet The” series promoting Team Fortress 2 would tackle the Pyro, a character that doesn’t talk and therefore would be breaking continuity to narrate his own video. It’s as cleverly done as all the others, even if it’s only in service of one real gag. Of course, why are Valve using resources to promote a game that’s how old at this point? Well, it’s also promoting an upcoming product called Source Filmmaker, which has its own serious video to explain it all. Pretty cool looking stuff.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Remember that rumour I posted about, saying Dreamworks was picking up the Need For Speed license for a movie? Well it’s been confirmed, and EA’s excited enough about it already to put out a press release. Aside from everything in the rumour that turned out to be true, they’ve added that Scott Waugh is attached to direct, and his only notable directing credit is Act Of Valor, which, if I said “received mixed reviews” would be generous. They also mentioned that while the movie is based on the Need For Speed series, it’s not based on any particular game, and they’re aiming for a 2014 release. I’ve pretty much written this off as just another cross-media-brand-synergising-middle-of-the-road-(at best)-piece-of-crud, but I reserve the right to see it if the trailer looks dumb enough. I also reserve the right to source some decals for Gar to put on his car to ironically advertise it.

The dashboard update came out last week, adding some behind the scenes ‘stuff’ that will allow a future dashboard update to be smoother, but for New Zealand and Australian 360’s, we received something that we’ve been missing for a while: the ability to perform Bing searches without a controller. I wanted to make sure that I’d put it through some basic tests before posting about it, since understanding English is hard enough for most humans to do, let alone a machine. It is surprisingly functional, from my experience, though. I assume it does some kind of comparison to library items so that words that aren’t strictly words will be recognised. Like the “Virtua” in Virtua Fighter 5, flawlessly recognised. Of course, shouting gibberish at your Xbox Kinect is still amusing, though it’s often reluctant to recognise that it has been addressed, kind of like it’s ignoring your attempts to troll it. At one point, I managed to shout some ridiculous word, which it actually ended up recognising as three, the last of which appeared as “****”. So perhaps there’s some kind of allowance for swearing? The subsequent barrage of “Xbox Bing” followed by a string of obscenities, however, failed to catch my Xbox’s attention. 


Unit 13 is Zipper Interactive’s latest console title. Available now on PS Vita it gives you most of the benefits of a solid full console game with the advantages of a portable console. Many may argue that a tactical shooter on a portable console defeats the purpose of a ‘gaming on the go’. But it’s been design exclusively with that in mind and delivers bite sized action for those with limited time. Plus there’s plenty to keep you busy if you have the time to invest and want more.

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I have a sore eyeball.  Nailed it with a beer bottle cap earlier.

In better news, here is this week’s podcast.  Things are said regarding the Tomb Raider kerfuffle, everyone’s played stuff from the Humble Indie Bundle, and James is still very upset about Diablo 3.

At an after-hours event at the Microsoft Xbox E3 booth, I was allowed in with a group of others to take a look at Halo 4 and play a match of the revamped multiplayer. The presentation was cool; and similar versions of it are available via YouTube. If you haven’t seen those however, it features the UNSC Infinity, which has been decommissioned and is off on some sort of Star Trek-ian “seek out new worlds and civilisations” voyage, and runs afoul of some bad voodoo. Continue reading

Brink (Xbox 360)


Here is yet another Bargain Bin Breakdown. An uber-quick review of games purchased on sale for $25 or less. The idea is to give a fast verdict on titles that may have been skipped by gamers at the time of release. Possibly due to average review scores or cash constraints. So, does Brink now offer value for money if picked up on the cheap?

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Wugga has returned from E3 and he has much news.  So very much has happened in the last fortnight that we end up cranking out a two hour podcast.  Some kind of record?  No idea.

The playable DOA5 demo here at E3 is significantly more than the four characters, single stage of the demo that was released via download code in the collector’s edition of Ninja Gaiden 3. I had told an old acquaintance from the 2006 World Cyber Games in Monza, Italy, Emmanuel “Master” Rodriguez that I would meet him at the booth  He’s there thanks to his ridiculous skill and the IGN Pro League. He and his friends there (all with history in the CGS) are clearly excited for DOA5, and it’s hard not to see why. The long coming sequel is dynamic, visually distinctive from previous games, while retaining the pace and feel that the fans love. Continue reading