Brink (Xbox 360)


Here is yet another Bargain Bin Breakdown. An uber-quick review of games purchased on sale for $25 or less. The idea is to give a fast verdict on titles that may have been skipped by gamers at the time of release. Possibly due to average review scores or cash constraints. So, does Brink now offer value for money if picked up on the cheap?

Brink was released in May 2011. It had a reasonable amount of hype around it pre-launch, unfortunately its PS3 release was hampered by the downing of the Playstation Network due to unrelated security issues. When Brink hit shelves it received mixed reviews on all platforms and its current Xbox 360 Metacritic score is 68/100

Price- I was very tempted to buy this game at release, but I’ll be honest, the review scores put me off. So, I picked it up recently for $15 from Mighty Ape and going by Pricespy, thats the best deal around.

Single-player- There is no campaign, which disappoints the crap out of me. The single-player element is just multi-player maps played with not particularly helpful A.I bots. Its a real shame considering the interesting premise of the game.

Story- There isn’t one.

Gameplay- Brink is a first person shooter with deep class and squad based mechanics. Each class has interesting niche talents and more importantly, each has a role to play. Smart team work and earning XP is key.

Graphics- The art-style of the characters and the world itself is awesome. The customisation of your character and his weapons is detailed as hell and overall it looks pretty good.

Multi-player- Brink is an objective focused multi-player game through and through. Its more complex than most, and will require quality team mates to have fun. Unfortunately, the lobbies are empty and the A.I bots who now fill in the gaps are indifferent to the all important objectives.


10680582-the-word-verdict-on-a-wood-[1]Its rough putting the screws on a game that only cost $15 to pick up. But the reality is, I just didn’t have much fun with Brink. It is a good Multi-player game that has no one playing it. If you still have a hankering for a class based multi-player game. Do your self a favour and pick up The Orange Box. Team Fortress 2 is waiting for you.


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