Unit 13 is Zipper Interactive’s latest console title. Available now on PS Vita it gives you most of the benefits of a solid full console game with the advantages of a portable console. Many may argue that a tactical shooter on a portable console defeats the purpose of a ‘gaming on the go’. But it’s been design exclusively with that in mind and delivers bite sized action for those with limited time. Plus there’s plenty to keep you busy if you have the time to invest and want more.

The story line here is minimal, and I mean minimal. The plot is shallow and characters even more so. But that’s fine with me. Sometimes when you need a quick game it can be tasking sitting through long cut scenes and videos before you can get into the action. It’s all about pick up and play. You take upon the roll on one of six specialty trained soldiers to take down generic terrorists in various scenarios. Each of the specialty soldiers have their own unique abilities and skills required to complete any given ranked mission. The ranked missions vary from fast paced run ‘n’ gun, stealth infiltration, search and recue too deadline time dependant missions. Thirty six missions in the single player will keep you busy for some time. There’s a score system that encourages you to complete the missions as instructed and offers a great incentive to replay the missions.


If the thirty six standard missions aren’t enough you can choose to replay them with dynamic objectives and random insertions. These can prove quite challenging, in the standard ranked missions (even the difficult ones) you can learn where the terrorists are and through a process of trial and elimination you can progress through the game. Dynamic settings eliminate this approach and really increases the intensity of game play. You really need to approach these cautiously and use tactics and strategy to complete the tasks.


The game play itself is (not surprisingly) very good. Often with portable games there can be a rather steep learning curve when it comes to the controls. But the dual analogue sticks and intuitive touch controls feel great from the start. Graphically the game looks amazing. The environments tend to repeat a lot but there are very well detailed and the lighting is gorgeous.

If that wasn’t enough Unit 13 offers proper online functionality. Whether it be to play through the missions co-op with a friend or compete in the daily challenge to try and top worldwide leader boards. May pay to note those with NAT type 3 settings will have big issues playing online. The daily challenge will work perfectly but playing co-op may not be possible. 


To be perfectly honest I don’t have many bad things to say about Unit 13, the AI may seem a little simple at times and the online can be a bit buggy (to be fair that’ll be due to my network issues rather than the game) but if you’re after a solid tactical shooter that’s suited perfectly for the Vita, then Unit 13 is the game for you. Out now in stores on the PS Store.

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