Remember that rumour I posted about, saying Dreamworks was picking up the Need For Speed license for a movie? Well it’s been confirmed, and EA’s excited enough about it already to put out a press release. Aside from everything in the rumour that turned out to be true, they’ve added that Scott Waugh is attached to direct, and his only notable directing credit is Act Of Valor, which, if I said “received mixed reviews” would be generous. They also mentioned that while the movie is based on the Need For Speed series, it’s not based on any particular game, and they’re aiming for a 2014 release. I’ve pretty much written this off as just another cross-media-brand-synergising-middle-of-the-road-(at best)-piece-of-crud, but I reserve the right to see it if the trailer looks dumb enough. I also reserve the right to source some decals for Gar to put on his car to ironically advertise it.

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