The dashboard update came out last week, adding some behind the scenes ‘stuff’ that will allow a future dashboard update to be smoother, but for New Zealand and Australian 360’s, we received something that we’ve been missing for a while: the ability to perform Bing searches without a controller. I wanted to make sure that I’d put it through some basic tests before posting about it, since understanding English is hard enough for most humans to do, let alone a machine. It is surprisingly functional, from my experience, though. I assume it does some kind of comparison to library items so that words that aren’t strictly words will be recognised. Like the “Virtua” in Virtua Fighter 5, flawlessly recognised. Of course, shouting gibberish at your Xbox Kinect is still amusing, though it’s often reluctant to recognise that it has been addressed, kind of like it’s ignoring your attempts to troll it. At one point, I managed to shout some ridiculous word, which it actually ended up recognising as three, the last of which appeared as “****”. So perhaps there’s some kind of allowance for swearing? The subsequent barrage of “Xbox Bing” followed by a string of obscenities, however, failed to catch my Xbox’s attention. 

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