look out for the slender man

Podcasting again.  Many opinions are had, and the bloody phone keeps ringing.  On the plus side, I share my experience playing Slender, James and Paul talk about some D&D Baldur’s Gate something something, Wugga tells us about DOMA, and Windows 8 will apparently be the downfall of civilisation.


Bit of a mix-up this week.  Podcasts are moving to Thursdays, and even though it was my idea, I forgot.  So Paul and Wugga turned up at my house while I was at the pub with some mates from uni.  So that was embarrassing.

In better news, here is this week’s podcast.  I change my mind on some things, and act like my current opinion is the only sane choice and always has been.  We talk some more about always-on DRM, the Ouya, Spartacus, some startling rumours about Activision, and a game that has zombies in it.

Pokemon conquest banner

The Pokémon series of games has flourished for over a decade, with several diversions from the main path which have brought mixed success. Slap the name Pokémon onto a game and as long as you have adorable creatures which have both young and old chasing after them you will have a reasonable chance of selling a truckload irrespective of how the game plays.

One genre which the franchise has yet to dabble in is turn-based strategy, and the surprise here surely is how long it has taken rather than the fact that it has happened. Pokémon are a perfect pairing for a turn-based strategy game, but does Pokémon Conquest live up to the potential?

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Day Z, video game films, Battlefield 3 (yes, still), ME3 DLC, things to do with Steam, Halo, Lego, and also other things.

What?  Why yes, it is Buttonmasher Podcast number one hundred and eighty six.

I love it when a game blindsides me. I knew of Spec Ops although I had not paid much attention to it, I didn’t even know it was a third person shooter until I fired it up. That was when I got very pleasantly surprised, for once we are looking at a war based shooter with some sense of magnitude, a game that makes you think about your actions and delivers more than its fair share of sombre moments. It is also not often I feel the need to fully complete a game before committing to a review, but this time – I just had to know. Continue reading

So while the world prays for a Final Fantasy VII remake, Square Enix announces a PC version available for digital download.

No new textures. No new character models. No HD.

Instead Square Enix boasts 36 Achievements, a Character Booster (basically like a game shark), and Cloud Saves.

I don’t know how confident Square feels with this and I don’t know who they are trying to please. With its quite frankly dated graphics it’s tough to recommend this even to newcomers. As much as I love FFVII…

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by Acclaim’s unforgettable classic Shadowman.  And also Battlefield 3.