Vanquish (Xbox 360)


Time for another Bargain Bin Breakdown. An uber-quick review of games purchased on sale for $25 or less. So, does Vanquish now offer value for money if picked up on the cheap?

Vanquish hit shelves in October 2010 and it was generally well received with a current Metacritic score is 84/100. It was developed by Japans, Platinum Games and was directed by the creative mind behind Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami.

Price- I picked it up in April 2012 for $25 from Mighty Ape. Pricespy currently has NZ prices around the $40 mark.

Single-player- The campaign is around 6-10 hours long, depending on the difficulty level. It’s a totally linear but well crafted experience.

Story- A maniacal cybernetic Russian attacks America using a space station. Tasked to stop said Russian and his robot army, is Sam Gideon. Sam is a chain-smoking ‘jock’ in a power suit, so be ready for over the top Japanese storytelling, cheesy dialogue and clichés a plenty.

Gameplay- This is where Vanquishs strength lies. At first glance it’s a cover based 3rd person shooter. But forget the cover bit. Players are encouraged  to be in the thick of battle with crazy weapons and the ‘ARS’ suits powers. All the time however, having to balance power usage and subsequent cool-downs.

Graphics- Its sci-fi setting is nicely realized and overall looks great. The environments can feel a bit ‘samie’ later on and at times the detailed destruction modelling can turn the screen into a blur of robot bits.

Multi-player- Campaign based scores for leaderboards. That’s it.


10680582-the-word-verdict-on-a-wood-Vanquish really is fast, fluid and fun. It’s one of the select few ’next-gen’ Japanese shooters actually worth playing, so if you spot it in a bargain bin, get it! Rocket sliding around the levels just never gets old.


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