In-game footage of the much anticipated Armoured Kill DLC expansion for BF3 has arrived. Dice describes Alborz Mountains as “the most beautiful map we’ve ever made”.


Armoured Kill is available 4th September for PS3, 11th September for Xbox360 and PC. 18th September for non-premium PS3, and 25th September for non-premium Xbox360 and PC


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this is the new official Buttonmasher competitive shooter

American courts have herped the derp over the Apple / Samsung patent war, Counter-Strike has been played, Battlefield has been played, Planetary Annihilation has met its Kickstarter target, and we have Minoxxide back to cover for Paul (who has the AIDS), so it’s Madden instead of Skyrim tonight.

this is the face wugga made when he tried the chocolate porter

James is back, and he’s brought beer.  Everyone except me has played Battlefield 3.  I played that new Counter-Strike instead.

We address Ubisoft’s Uplay and piracy stat silliness, the Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter, the fate of Prey 2, some things happening with Day Z, and have a bit of discussion about free to play stuff and a weirdly long discussion about feudal Japan.

Some decidedly dodgy footage of “pre-alpha” NBA Live ’13 has arrived. Let’s face facts – NBA2K series has stomped the opposition previously, and completely taken over EA Sports in the race for best NBA game.

It’s hard to take anything from this obviously early and still to be tweaked footage, but unless things change drastically, safe to say 2k sports will remain at the top.


No release date yet, but view the full 10 minute footage here


Last week at Gamecom, Sony announced Cross Buy, an initiative that allows a purchased PS Vita game to be played on the PS3 and vice versa on supported titles. It’s a fantastic precedent to be setting, not only from a consumer standpoint, but to validate the argument against used sales that games are more than just the discs they’re printed on. Cross Buy joins a host of other “Cross” initiatives: Cross Save, for transferring saves between Vita and PS3, Cross Play, for multiplayer between the devices, Cross Goods, for the interaction of virtual goods between games on both devices, and Cross Control, for using the Vita as a controller. Supporting titles are limited to a few at the moment, but this is a step in the right direction for sure.

Cavedog’s Total Annihilation is one of the best-loved real time strategy games of all time, and despite poorly thought-out unit balance, dodgy net code and a complete lack of official support for more than a decade, it’s still a popular multiplayer title fifteen years after its release.

Supreme Commander, the spiritual successor developed by Chris Taylor’s Gas Powered Games, captured some of the original game’s appeal, but its sequel, Supreme Commander 2, lacked the epic scale of TA and SupCom.  Planetary Annihilation looks set to be a spiritualer successor; an unashamed homage to the epic scale of the original, but taken to an ambitious new level.  Uber Entertainment (developers of Monday Night Combat) are set to develop, with TA and SupCom development vet Jon Mavor heading up the project.

Battles will take place across entire planetary systems, with moonbases, asteroids used as kinetic impactors capable of glassing entire planets, and also robots that blow each other up. The Kickstarter for the project looks to be doing well; already halfway to its $900,000 goal after only four days.  Check out the trailer after the break or on the Kickstarter page.  If you liked Total Annihilation, you will love what’s planned for Planetary Annihilation.

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look out for the slender man

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This is number 191, and James couldn’t be here, so we have special guest Matt, AKA Buttonmasher forum user Minoxxide.

If you like words and also video games, then do I have one hell of a deal for you.