Crysis 2 (Xbox 360)


Time for a mid-winter B3 and to avoid me becoming too dis-organised I have started numbering them.  So here is the 6th quick verdict on a sub-$25 game picked up as a  bargain bin purchase. Crysis 2 was a solid release in 2011, but does it still offer value for money if picked up cheap in 2012?

Crysis 2 was the first console outing for the Crysis series and it did pretty well, with an average Metacritic score of 84/100. It was released in March 2011 with a standard retail price around the $90 mark. About six months after its release, the PC only  Crysis 1 also found its way to consoles as a download only title.

Price- I picked up a Crysis 2: Xbox Games on Demand code, in 2012 for only $15 from Mighty Ape. It was a 5.5GB download and is usually $29.95 from the Xbox Marketplace. Pricespy currently lists boxed copies ranging from $39-$69.

Single-player- The 10ish hour single-player campaign is built on super solid first person shooter action, with open environments and great level design. The enemy A.I is painfully average at times, but overall its a fun jaunt that really ramps up to ‘11’ in the last few hours.

Story- New York City is full of nasty aliens, nasty soldiers and a nasty virus. There is some series canon for those who keep up, but unfortunately its not a particularly compelling narrative.

Gameplay- Each level is a chain of combat arenas that can be approached in varying ways. Planning how to use the environment, the different suit powers (Stealth vs Armour etc..) and the various weapons to clear the levels is at the core of this shooter. The gameplay is bolstered by some basic levelling mechanics for the suit powers and basic weapon customisation, so guns can match the chosen play style.

Graphics- Beautiful…One of the best looking console shooters about.

Co-operative- None.

Multi-player- Team deathmatch, objective modes etc…but with suit powers. Problem is that in 2012 (in NZ at least) the lobbies are empty . I couldn’t find or join a single M/P game.


10680582-the-word-verdict-on-a-wood-[1]I blogged my thoughts on Crysis 2 in 2011 and it stacked up pretty well back then at $90. So at $15 it’s a freakin bargain! A year later it’s still one of the best playing and looking shooters about. If you can live with the A.I issues and zero multi-player, then it shouldn’t be overlooked!


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