Battlefield 3‘s upcoming expansion Armored Kill has been given an official release date on all platforms by DICE.

Battlefield Premium members will receive the DLC first, starting with PlayStation 3 players on September 4, before heading to the Xbox 360 and PC a week later on September 11. If you’re not signed up to Premium then you’re going to have to wait a little longer. The general release on PlayStation 3 is September 18, and September 25 for Xbox 360 and PC.

Armored Kill adds new maps, vehicles, vehicle unlocks, and a brand new game mode known as Tank Superiority.

‘Tank Superiority’ you say? Well basically it’s like King of the hill, but in tanks. 1 flag, fought over by tanks infantry and new to the game – tank destroyers. Flags are normally in very open spaces, and thus makes them incredibly hard to defend. Pack hunting seems to be the most successful ploy, but success can be had employing Engineer’s for running repairs and Javlins, as well as pesky Recon Wookie’s for SOFLAMing targets, and popping caps in little repair tool wielding Engineers.

Mark it on the calender, book leave, start practicing for sick calls, it’s going to be huge

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