Here is a run down of the features on the upcoming Minecraft Update for Xbox 360

Creative Mode

An absolute no-brainer for first on the list. If you’ve played Minecraft for more than a couple of hours, you’ll know that crafting anything grander than the basic means of survival can be incredibly tricky. Even if you turn the enemies off, you’ll still have to wrangle with limited/hard-to-reach resources and the fundamental problem of gravity. It’s a testament to the raw, unfetteredgumption of the OXM community that our Minecraft Xbox 360 server is such a spectacular place to be. I’m sure the craftsmen and women of OXM Land are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Creative Mode, which kicks gravity to the curb and hands you infinite blocks.

Strongholds, Temples, Abandoned Mine Shafts

There’s tonnes to uncover in any given Minecraft world, but right now, there’s a general absence of structure. The terrain generator throws up the odd subterranean wiggle, but the game’s “Dungeons” are a disgrace to roguelikes everywhere – small, featureless rooms containing monster spawning blocks and treasure chests. Future updates will fold in labyrinthine Abandoned Mine Shafts, mysterious Strongholds and biome-specific Temples, rife with precious gear and unique monsters. It’s a step towards Skyrim’s tailor-made caverns and fortresses, but there’s still that random generation element which makes Minecraft so endlessly amusing.

Stuff to do in the Nether

The Nether’s bloody boring at present. It’s just a massive bucket of lava. Coming soon, to an otherworldly portal near you – Nether Strongholds, home to blocks which ceaselessly generate flaming puffs of semi-sentient death, and Nether Wart, an important ingredient for potions. You’ll never want to leave. Well, until you knock heads with a Ghast.

Animal breeding

Animals aren’t just for slaying at random – they’re for feeding and breeding, then slaying at random. Once this update arrives, you’ll be able to shove handfuls of wheat down nearby cows, pigs and so forth to get them in the mood for some sweet, sweet loving. They’ll do the dirty, and then you’ll have a smaller, high-pitched version to dote over till you get bored and punch it. Animal husbandry is a delicate process.


Packs of tamed wolves not cutting it for you, ally-wise? Tremble ecstatically at the thought of the Iron Golem and its somewhat less fearsome but more amusing cousin, the Snow Golem. Created by whacking a pumpkin atop a stack of snow blocks, Snow Golems are only too happy to engage hostile mobs and leave a generous trail of snow, providing resources for the creation of yet more Snow Golems. It’s a vicious cycle! But not as vicious as the Iron Golem, the second hardiest mob in the entire game after the mystical Ender Dragon. They take a lot of iron to create, but they’ll massacre anything that strays within swinging distance.

NPC Villages

Generated where there’s sufficient flatland, NPC villages are a pleasant sight when you want to brutalise lots of dim, make-believe human beings and can’t be bothered messaging one of your Xbox Live friends. Watch you don’t antagonise larger settlements unduly, though, as the bigger the population, the greater the number of defending Iron Golems (you can take advantage of this by locking a bunch of villagers in an appropriately sized room, then laying traps for the Golems they spawn and harvesting their leftover metals). Each village contains either a smithy or a tower, which contains a treasure chests. Nothing which gives rise to treasure can possibly be bad.


No more shall your arrows expend themselves in a single bowshot. No longer shall a block turn into something else when you mine it. Both these annoyances and more can be addressed by wizardifying your tools via an Enchantment table. Turn your sword into a gout of flame! Ensorcel your axe so that it won’t degrade as fast! Just make sure you have enough enemy-dropped experience orbs to pay off the Powers of Darkness.


This is the only feature on the list that we’re slightly worried about. It introduces a gauge which must be replenished by eating food in order to restore health. Moving, attacking and taking damage will drain the gauge. This could be thrilling, adding an additional element of risk to longer journeys, or it could be a chore. Most likely it’ll be a bit of both, depending on the mood you’re in.


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