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Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Shadowrun, Wii Mini, a discussion on games with female protagonists, Far Cry 3 and and a GTA5 petition.

Short handed due to people having babies, so we snuck in under an hour, this week.  By six seconds.

I don't own my own face.

Quick and dirty ‘cast today, in which we talk Forza: Horizon car packs, THQ’s continued poor fortune, some game movies, Molyneux’s latest scheme, that Star Citizen thing, Greece’s continued hatred for games and gamers, an Aussie bloke who played BLOPS2, some stuff about Mirror’s Edge 2, and the great Assassin’s Creed 3 heist.

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Back in the glory days of video games many of the most popular games didn’t require the reaction speed of Bruce Lee on Speed, in fact with this type of game you could stop playing and have dinner without even the need to have a pause button. The style of game I refer to is the ‘Point and Click’ adventure, and in this modern high speed world even classic remakes aren’t really attracting newcomers and only getting love from us older gamers and our rose tinted glasses. So I was excited to find a new, up to date, take on the good old point and click adventure, but sad to think in this world of twitch gaming that it may just fade away into obscurity…

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Dodge Uterus

James could not cast pods today due to adding to his brood.  Brian’s brood was added to a couple of weeks ago, and Matt’s addition is, as yet, days away, so they attended instead.

Gods be good, but that’s a lot of tiny Buttonmashers coming into the world.  Will any of us be safe, ever again?

There is news regarding Warfighter, Mass Effect and BLOPSII.  Machete/Apple crossover is a thing, of sorts.  Xbox Live is a decade old, and Microsoft impress Wugga by doing bugger all.  Heart of the Swarm has a release date, and there’s some bobble-head F1 thing that seems a bit dumb.


the emo one is come

We have a special guest tonight.  See if you can guess who.

We also talk about Halo 4, an Elite successor, Battlefields, Sons of Anarchies, and all sort of other fun stuff.  I interrupt occasionally with news from the American election, which is, of course, super relevant to gaming.