With the current season upon us, the podcast has switched over into holiday scheduling, which basically means “If and when the crew can mostly get together and record”, and of course, when someone manages to upload it, which is off to an incredible start already, given that the podcast was recorded on Sunday.

Forza Horizon

Veering sharply away from Forza’s usual strictish racing simulator style towards a more Need For Speed style thrasher, Forza Horizon was always bound to polarise opinions.  Forza faithful are likely to feel a little out of sorts early on as they’re bombarded with trendy people telling them that the most important thing in the world is to get more popular with the trendy people at the trendy Horizon music and car festival.

The first challenge is to win a heads-up race against a bunch of other cars to win the final entry to the Horizon races.  That achieved, you’re thrown head first into a world of stereotypes who’ll exhort you to do silly things to gain popularity.  I’ve still yet to decide whether the awkward caricatures that populate Horizon are intentionally absurd and hilarious or just poorly written.  They’re mostly easy enough to ignore, and even someone like myself who’d rather wear a fresh scalp than a flat peak hat can look past the douchebag aesthetic and get down to some racing.

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Not all retro revisits end in disappointment, Chris Wild is bringing one of the greatest 8-bit games back to life in December 2012 and it stands up tall.

The mid eighties were a blessed time for gaming, the teenage years of a fledgling industry – nobody could see the growth that was coming, yet even today those of us that were there still hanker after those early experiences and those that were not there are intrigued by the legends. Yearning for some of the magic that was squeezed into 48 or 64 kilobytes can be a distraction, more often than not the return to those 8-bit pastures is tinged with a sour taste. These games and game designers shaped the generation and many of those respected one man bands have become industry stalwarts today. Continue reading

racism is a crime

Paul has a new robot boyfriend in his computer.  Or something.

Also, Crysis 3, Fatso expands into games, THQ flicks some stuff off cheap, some people act like dicks, Steam cranks the deals, and some Kickstarters start some kicks.