Cats are out of control! Killing our wildlife and native species et cetera! But I don’t blame the cats, no, that’s ridiculous. Gareth Morgan’s wrong; it’s not the cats we have to worry about, it’s the violent cats in videogames, corrupting our very culture and society. This highbrow issue and more, in the latest episode of our podcast…

Back to our old tricks, Gar’s barely paying any attention, I’m obsessed with something, Matt’s keen to talk about sport, and Paul’s investigating the Skyrim nude patch for completely legitimate reasons, he assures us! All this and more in episode 210!

It’s that time again. It’s time to sit around drinking beer and looking back on the year that was 2012, and pick some winners based on a very loose and unfocused discussion and some deliberately vague criteria. Oh, here’s the link to Frog Fractions too, because you should give it a try:

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