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FUS RO DAH! More Skyrim! I love Skyrim and have put hundreds of hours into the original release back in November of 2011. So over a year later comes Dragonborn, the third piece of DLC for the mighty Skyrim, sending you off to Morrowind and the isle of Solstheim in search of the first Dragonborn. You didn’t really think you were the only one now did you?

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So here I am, a massive fan of Skyrim. Ready to return to my favourite towns, visit old friends and embark on another wonderful journey, right? Well, no, not really. I had/have a massive problem in that it has been so long since I played Skyrim that much of the magic is gone. I can’t remember where I stashed all my best loot, and even where a couple of my houses are. So it was decided to travel direct to Solstheim and into the new content which caused a real lack of immersion in the world of Skyrim.

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The extra content added to Skyrim is varied and interesting enough with the inclusion of new and returning favourites like the Netch and Bonemold Armour. The main quest line is pretty straight forward but thankfully a few of the side quests are more challenging to keep you exploring the Solstheim landscape. Also any of the Radiant Quests can, and will use Solstheim locations, potentially sending players with the DLC installed around in circles until they have visited the island at least once.

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On arrival in Solstheim though I did have a big grin on my face. I was back in Morrowind. Familiar architecture, landscapes and creatures. I was still struggling to be pulled back into the world though, and for one reason only, my time away from Skyrim. Don’t get me wrong, Dragonborn is good solid DLC for Skyrim and for people playing for the first time or even in the middle of a replay this would be awesome additional content but for me it’s just too late in the piece.

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Closing Comments.

Yes, you do get to ride dragons, maybe not in the style we all hoped but it’s still pretty cool, but the real enticement to me is a return to Morrowind. If and when I have time to start a new Skyrim game I will be doing so as it is the only way to really enjoy all the DLC since it has been release so late and far apart. And there is still rumours of more DLC to come… Way to stretch out the life of a game Bethesda! Basically though, Dragonborn is just more of what is so great about Skyrim, fans will love it, new players will ignore it due to cost. All I can say is the inevitable GOTY edition of Skyrim will give you some awesome bang for your buck!

Released 4/12/12 on XBOX 360 for 1600 MS Points.

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