It’s not often that we get to start the podcast off with a literal bang that we didn’t premeditate in some way. Never, in fact. But within the first minute or so, we heard a mighty bang, which was audibly picked up in the recording (though not as loud as we ourselves heard it) that caused at least one of us to swear. And then it’s back to podcast as usual.

No one’s ever wondered what a podcast sounds like when one of the hosts are playing Farming Simulator 2013, and Matt said that his threat was only a joke, but he seemed so disengaged sometimes that I would’ve believed it. Oh, there’s also this video you need to see:

YouTube Preview Image

Against our better judgements, and popular demand, Matt’s back. He got in through the old loophole of “Oh, it’s the No Matts Club, so you’re allowed just one, right?”, curse him.

When you forget that a solid red light means “recording” and a blinking one does not, there’s only one solution: you get exiled from Podcast Island. So that explains the lack of Matt. Meanwhile, Gar’s been playing a bunch of some mobile games? That’s weird.

Four podcasters go under general anaesthetic for breast enhancement surgery, and wake up in a dystopian 2525, where mankind is on the brink of extinction, and the only way to survive is to talk about videogames on the internet. How will the group fare when one of them forgets how to start the recording, and no one notices until they’re half-way through!?