It’s finally episode #226! I mean… 227! Oh whatever, counting correctly is clearly passe when you can go from the first Xbox, to the Xbox 360, and then the Xbox One.


This edition is really short; after we finished I hypothesised that Gar didn’t rage on about anything for as long as we’d normally expect due to finding love and soothing that savage beast.

Another late podcast. This one has Gar and I making weird THXish “BWAAHHHHHHRRRR” noises at the end.

It’s hard to a follow up on a podcast that started with a literal explosion, so instead we phone it in with some talk about a Gears Of War movie, which leads to talking about Terrible Terry Tate, and then on to an ad for Roundup that apes the Canyonero ad from The Simpsons. After the break are the Youtube videos for reference. Continue reading