The cancelation of Fez 2, Activision Blizzard’s buyout, Digital NatioNZ and other stuff in this weeks episode. Gar forgot about it, though.

Last week we were all in various places away from where we normally are, making a podcast impossible. Well, nearly impossible. Well, impractical. But now Paul and Gar and myself are back, and those two were at PAX last week, so I’ll let them talk about that.

Finally we can meet the demands of all the listeners complaining that we’re not using the squad of last year, because Matt’s stayed home to play some Farming Simulator, and James has tagged in.

When Gar’s away, the cast will play. Or survive without him. Or something. We talk about a CEO leaving a tipsy ship for one that is decidedly sinking, sunk, or maybe we just wish it to be sunk, and other things like Xbox game sales and Kickstarter projects, too.