I’ve got plenty of reasons to dismiss Lego Minifigures Online: It’s being developed by Funcom, not Traveller’s Tales, it’s coming to PC, iOS, and Android, there’s a fart gag in the trailer that’s astoundingly awkward, it can be played through a browser, and it’s probably going to be free to play from the sounds of things.

However, Lego Minifigures are pretty great, my girlfriend’s taken to securing as many complete series as are available, and I encourage this (and with a shelf occupied by Skylanders I’m not in a position to argue against toy collections). They’re all pretty great, but someof them… are terrific.

saxmini“The Saxophone Player is a Minifigure of few words. While others chatter away, he prefers to let his music do the talking for him. In the park, out on the street, or on stage at a nightclub, he picks up his saxophone and plays whatever thoughts and moods happen to be on his mind. The Saxophone Player does not seek fame or fortune. He doesn’t record albums, and he doesn’t take requests. But if you stand quietly and listen to him play for a while, you might just start to understand what he’s saying…and you might learn a thing or two, too.”

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