The PS Vita TV has been announced, and it’s a tiny box that will sync with a Dual Shock 3 to play Vita games on your TV. No word on whether it’s going to be available outside of Japan though.

In the most surprising announcement, Japan won’t be seeing the PS4 until February 22, 2014. It’s surprising because Japan has traditionally been the home base of the Playstation brand in the past, but in terms of battleground regions, it might make sense to delay Japan in favour of ensuring stock for the rest of the world, where Xbox might be considered a threat.

A new PS Vita is coming, with a more compact form factor and a range of colours, and there’s no 3G version. Also, a 64GB memory card was announced. Both for Japan and international releases aren’t a part of the conversation yet.

There’s a new Guilty Gear game coming for PS3 and PS4 in 2014. There’s a 1 minute trailer available. It might be just the resolution of the video, but it looks strikingly similar to the other Guilty Gear games I’ve played (though that could be stated as a good thing) except for the weird 3D spinning camera shots.

YouTube Preview Image

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