Microsoft has locked in 22/11/13 as its final answer (then again, it wouldn’t be out of character to change it again at this point) as the official “Day One” of the Xbox One. This places it pretty squarely between the US/Japan and Europe/The Rest Of Us launch of the PS4, at 15/11/13 and 29/11/13 respectively. Coupled with this announcement comes the confirmation that the inclusion of FIFA for the Xbox One as a pack-in downloadable game for Day One Edition Xbox One buyers that was previously announced for Europe extends to us in New Zealand. So I guess that’s one game with some guaranteed popularity from the get go (who am I kidding, FIFA has bankable popularity regardless).

You wouldn’t necessarily have known it, but the PS3 supported up to seven controllers to be connected. The list of games that used more than the standard four is slim, and populated mostly by sports games. Also, seven is a weird number to stop at. Fans of even numbers and playing Bomberman locally will be pleased to know that the Xbox One will support up to eight controllers, which means hopefully they’ll release Atomic Bomberman they way it was meant to be played. Word from Sony is that the PS4 will only support the standard four controllers this go round, probably because they know I barely have two friends on a good day anyway.

PS4 VR, eight controllers for Xbox, oh, and clicking on a cookie a bajillion times just because, well, that’s the point of the game.